The Green Table – A Guilt-Free Freebie

Yeah, that’s right, it’s a green table…

With our recent post on the free boudin selection, I felt like we might be getting dangerously commercial at We Are Never Full, but that was nothing compared to last night’s dinner at The GreenTable, sponsored, as it was, by those corporate behemoths, Visa Signature.

How strange, we hear you cry, that you folks (i.e. us), who are constantly bucking trends and chipping away at established norms (note the irony), should be so craven and would sell-out to big business so quickly! Guilty as charged, I’m afraid. Though happily for us, the only thing that we “sold” was a few delightful hours of our time with some very stimulating company, including fellow bloggers, food writers and, of course, the kind and generous representatives from Visa, chatting about the food scene in NYC.

In return, Visa provided a magnificent organic and sustainable dinner featuring a host of delicious products grown, for the most part, within a couple of hundred miles of the city. The wines pairing all three courses were also magnificent and again, were either organic or biodynamically-grown. All in all, a real treat for a Monday evening.

And so, if you weren’t already sickened by our association with big business, you better click away now before the name-dropping begins. For not only did we see everyone’s favorite “food dude” Guy Fieri stroll by during dinner, complete with peroxide-do suitably immovable with gel, and recent Top Chef finalist Dale (Food Network is located in the Chelsea Market above where we were eating), we also chin-wagged with the real stars of New York gastronomy, including: Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan at TheKitchn; Cynthia Sin-Yi Cheng at Cravings; Tina Wong at The Wandering Eater, and Mona at Mona’s Apple. We thank them all for their company and a really enjoyable evening, and look forward to keeping in touch.

8 thoughts on “The Green Table – A Guilt-Free Freebie

  1. Hi Amy & Jonathan!
    It was great meeting both of you there! Hearing from Amy, you guys have one heck of a jet-setting life (which I do envy but then again, I spend it on food). Anyway, hopefully we’ll cross paths one day and eat out if it’s possible. It would be awesome to have a food bloggers’ brunch or something.

    Here’s the photos of last night’s festivities (admittedly, mostly food photos):

  2. I saw the pics on flicker of the event and all the food…it all looks AMAZING!!! You guys are so lucky to be living in such an amazing place like NYC with such great food all around…but nothing compares to some of the dishes the two of you have made! We are never full rocks!

  3. MaybellesMom – interesting that you should mention the financial aspect. ignoring the visa connection for a moment, our host for the evening, the proprietor of The Green Table, was telling us that for many years shipping (driving) a refrigerated container of produce from California to New York cost $1000, but today it costs $10,000, helping to make local produce much more cost competitive. She admitted though, that scale was still on the side of the large producers but expected that if fuel prices remain high, there will be greater demand for local foods and the local farms will follow.

    tina – thanks for the pics. can’t believe we arrived late and missed the cheese!!!

    coco/zenchef/nuria – you’re right. there is nothing wrong with freebies. We just wanted to make it clear we’re not in the employ of a big corporation – as if you couldn’t tell already from this nickel & dime operation…!

    heather – he is indeed a bag of tools, or a tool-bag, if you will. anyone who appears on TV commercials for TGI fridays encouraging punters to “try something new” from a menu featuring pork chops and chicken sandwiches needs a sharp kick in the Jacobs crackers.

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