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    VEGETARIAN (Meat and Fish-free) **Note: Some of these dishes contain chicken stock, please sub veggie stock for those recipes to make it truly veggie! I’ve also put other meals that I’ve added some sort of meat product to the recipe, but the meat can easily be taken out and it would still be delicious. Finally, some of these recipes contain milk and/or eggs – most can be substituted or taken out. Email if you have any questions.):

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    1. AMY!! This website is going to be my lifesaver! SO cool. I can’t cook to save my life, but that doesn’t stop me from trying 😉

    2. Your wish shall be granted, awielek! We promise… maybe not till the fall though, b/c that’s kind of a cool-weather meal. BUT DELICIOUS. mmmmmmmmmm. Any other requests? throw ’em in here!

    3. Hi. Thank you for posting such wonderful recipes. I did want to mention, however, that fish is not considered vegetarian, so you may want to remove dishes containing fish from the “Vegetarian/Meatless” entrees in your recipe index.

    4. Hey, Dawn. THanks for you comment. I think this is actually worthy of its own post entirely. After some research, you are right, fish to vegetarians/vegans IS meat. I feel very old-school about my knowledge on the subject – almost like i’m some old Italian grandma who would say, “Dawn! What do you a-mean-a you don’t-a eat-a meat-a? Ok, I’ll-a make-a you-a some-a chicken, ok?”. ha! I will remember this comment in order to write a proper post one day. Fish is meat. Check.

      Truth be told, I’ve been very lazy about that classification on this blog. Our recipe page, as our blog continues to grow, has become a cluster-f*ck of stuff and personally, I hate how it’s ‘organized’ – it’s time for a change! So, as soon as we redo our recipes page, we’ll make it perfect w/ the vegetarian section.

      ****Note to veggies and vegans: Some of the recipes we make would be completely veggie/vegan if you replace chicken stock w/ veggie stock. I’m not very good at putting that in each post.

      Thanks for the comment, Dawn! For now I’m going to try to get creative w/ the title!

      amy @ WANF

    5. Thanks, Amy. I like your blog a lot, and am looking forward to your post on vegetarianism. There are a lot of good recipes on here, and I love veganizing them, so thank you for that!

    6. Amy,

      I must know… the recipe for Creamy Lemon Pasta by any chance from the Ristorante Al Pompiere in Rome? I do hope so…since eating there in April, I have tried to get the taste to match that lovely meal. Awaiting an answer with my mouth watering.


      1. Kath – while we are big fans of Dal Pompiere, this recipe isn’t theirs, in fact, we haven’t eaten their creamy lemon pasta – having stuck to the gnocchi with truffles and the bucatini al’amatriciana. We kind of made ours up, off the cuff, so any similarity between ours and theirs is entirely coincidental. Our guess is they use plenty of cream and plenty of delicious Sorrento lemons, not to mention better pasta than it’s possible to find in the US. Please feel free to give our recipe a crack and let us know if the two bear any resemblance to one another.


    7. Amy,
      Thanks this site looks great I am doing a version of your valouchamel sauce let you know how it turns out also cannot wait to try the pizza I loved the pizza in italy too how is lombardi s ?Have you ever heard of spadini I just recently heard of it but recipes I’m researching are much different from each other basically skewerd stuffed veal bay leaf and onins but the differences I’m seeing to bread or not to bread skewers then to grill or fry oh also butter or oil ? also have you tried or made wild boar I missed that one on our trip but heard it was delicious.

    8. I’ve just seen you website and it is very interesting.You send me a good recipe for a lamb or chicken biryani and I will send you one I got in Singapore at a lovely tiny restaurant some years ago for chicken which may intrigue you. At least, the way I now make it,

    9. Wow I’m SO glad I came across this website somehow when I was looking for skirt steak tacos and saw a picture of yours, SOLD! I made them and made the Tortilla soup tonight because I’m sick. That’s just in two days. I can tell you love food! Will be making more of your stuff.

    10. When I was in Ireland a few weeks ago, I saw a program on BBC that featured all sorts of British facts, customs, etc. for the uneducated (like me). One thing that absolutely blew my mind was that Chicken Tikki Masala was considered Britain’s national dish! What? Not Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding?? So as a humble reader of your fab blog, can you feature Tikki Masala at some point? Would love to know more about it and work up the courage to try making it (I have never even eaten it). Thanks!

    11. Hey
      I just can’t get enough,
      Your website is awesome and the recipes are great.
      I live in Israel and I wish I was living in NY for getting all the stuff you buying on a stroll in the neighborhood. It is so frustration some times.
      Thanks a lot; I was getting a lot of inspiration from you.
      Best regard,

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