Wendy’s Claims it’s Not Fast Food on New Commercial – HUH?

Ok, this post isn’t as timely as I wanted it to be (I actually wrote it about 4 weeks ago), but it got buried under other things.

Basically, in a “new” commercial for Wendy’s (you know Wendy’s, right? It’s a fast food joint) they try to tell us that “it’s waaaaaay better than fast food, it’s Wendy’s”. Do they think we’re all that much of a bunch of idiots? This is the most ridiculous form of advertising I’ve ever seen. If it works, I’ll believe that there’s nothing advertising and marketing can’t do. Check it out here:

But, I think the part of the commercial I like the best was the quote:

“You know what they say, if you don’t know what it is, don’t eat it!” – is there anything you’ve ever eaten before you knew what it was?

Who ARE these people!? Since when is this a horrible thing to do? I mean, check out my post on my years eating the Philadelphia breakfast favorite, scrapple and pork roll. I didn’t actually know what it was, but I still ate it! In fact, how can you try new foods if you know what everything is? Does this commercial make you as irritated as me?


9 thoughts on “Wendy’s Claims it’s Not Fast Food on New Commercial – HUH?

  1. Found you through http://becomingafoodie.blogspot.com/….
    Luckily, food advertising is the least effective form of advertising there is. The ad has little to nothing to do with you actually deciding to eat there.
    Besides – I constantly wonder how you wouldn’t wonder what is in Wendy’s food. I’m still trying to figure out how they don’t freeze their burgers. I’d rather them be frozen then shipped from somewhere sitting out in the sweltering heat of a truck into the sweltering heat of the back kitchen. O_o…..
    In short, yes, is GREATLY irritates me.

  2. all food advertising makes me irritated, if not outraged. Think about for a minute – we don’t NEED *food* to be advertised. We certainly don’t *need* processed and prepared foods to be advertised.

    Really, it’s pretty insane, and I suspect that we’d all be a lot better off if we could ban all food advertising 🙂

  3. I do love crappy fast food, and frequently think that Wendy’s chili on a baked potato or French fries sounds like Win (because of the ads), but I can’t NOT think of a bandaid or fingertip or whatever it was from a year or two ago. Besides, we have a Burgerville like ten blocks from us. Sustainable, local fast food is where it’s at.

    We don’t need sex to be advertised either, but lord knows that sells.

  4. ha, i was just having this discussion with a friend of mine. they think because they serve a baked potato and a fruit cup that they are not fast food? uuummm didn’t you pick that up, while sitting on your ass in your car at a drive thru window with 4 tubs of sour cream to go on it? I dislike wendy’s even more, when they had Cydnee (remember that girl from UM tour) in their commercials. she is the most superficial “healthy” B*#@h, who would never eat at Wendy’s in real life, but on their commercial with a smile handing over a burger. please!!
    They need a new Marketing campaign.

  5. Thanks for all the thought-provoking (and , as usual, witty/funny) comments. It’s true that fast food really doesn’t need to be advertised, but, like heather said, it sells. Also, heather, i must say, I secretly high fived you when I read about fish sauce in a vegan’s food. So mean…I know. When I worked at a coffee shop in my early 20’s, I used to give all the skinny, over-tanned (and snotty) chicks who ordered skinny lattes, full fat ones. I’m bad, I know. But sometimes it felt good. Plus, they’d drink it and be happy.

  6. wow brett reymore… thanks for speaking your mind! i didn’t realize there was anyone as passionate about this wendy’s commercial as you are. congratulations… i love a passionate guy.

    i’m starting to wonder if you are on the advertising team of this commercial and are now out of work?

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