Lazy Vacation Post: Meaty Leftovers

tira de asado (Argentine-style beef shortribs)
A little of what you fancy does you good.”
– British saying

The hardworking folks behind this non-award winning blog are enjoying a deserved warm weather break on Florida’s Gulf Coast right now. No offense to the locals, but we did not pick this particular destination for its well-known and highly prized food culture. Instead, it was selected as a fitting location for our first post-baby trip that would be easy to get to, easy to negotiate in situ and with guaranteed good weather, something we’ve been craving after a hard winter made tougher by a sleepless infant.

However, we are happy to discover that we didn’t touch down in a food desert at all, and we could have posted about the delicious and moist blackened mahi-mahi sandwiches we had yesterday at Randy’s Fish Market, but after a preparatory month of near-total meat deprivation that helped us fit into our bathing suits with less embarrassment, we were feeling decidedly carnivorous. So, here are some grilled cross-cut beef short ribs, leftover from the tablita parrillada we gorged on during last night’s visit to Martin Fierro, an Argentine-run parrilla hidden away in a strip-mall on the other side of town. Named for the central character of Argentina’s famous epic poem by Jose Hernandez, it’s a faithful recreation of the parrillas we so enjoyed almost exactly two years ago during our visit to Argentina and Uruguay, in every respect but the strip-mall.

parillada "Martin Fierro"

Joining them were a quick salsa criolla and some rounds of fried yucca. Sure, it’s not exactly beach food, and we stripped off at the pool with noticeably less enthusiasm today, but it was delicious and exactly the kind of indulgence we had been looking forward to for weeks. And, as every Englishman knows, a little of what you fancy does you good.

Martin Fierro Restaurant
6002 Radio Road, Naples, FL 34104
T: 239-659-5996

Randy’s Fishmarket
10395 Tamiami Trl N., Naples, FL 34108
T: 239-593-5555

6 thoughts on “Lazy Vacation Post: Meaty Leftovers

  1. Can never have too much meat! Sounds like you had a great trip. I’ve been craving nice weather myself and would welcome this kind of vacation. You’re lucky you have returned to nice weather. Maybe winter is finally over?

  2. Glad you got to enjoy a little of our sunshine and beautiful weather…if you would have driven 2 hours across Alligator Alley, I would have been happy to cook for you.

  3. Wish i could have had a taste…who knew you guys were working yer blog while we were in paradise!! I love the way you guys write..haa…this looks semi edible to me! xoxo

  4. Dear Amy and Jon,
    Read your vacation post (after you reminded me about your blog thru your reply on facebook regarding Cinco de Mayo recipes). I wanted you to know I’ve forwarded your restaurant recommendations to friends who are have a longer than usual winter stay in Naples this year. They’ll look forward to something different. Thanks for the post.
    And … your little one is getting so big, already. Can’t wait to meet him.
    Rita and Dave

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