We Traveled, We Ate, We Conquered: A Montreal City Break (A Podcast)

We’ve been in Montreal all weekend and just recorded a podcast from our hotel. Luckily for you this isn’t a video or else you’d see us in all our morning-breath, non-brushed hair glory! Check out this fun podcast touching on a few of the great things we’ve been up to during our few days north of the border. Enjoy some of these pictures of our time here in Montreal.

L'Express, Montreal - Chicken Liver Pate w/ Pistachios

L’Express Chicken Liver Pate with Pistachios

L'Express, Montreal - Fish Soup

L’Express – Fish Soup

L'Express, Montreal - Toulouse Sausage

L’Express – Toulouse Sausages with Potato and Braised Brussel Sprouts

L'Express, Montreal - Steak Tartare

L’Express Steak Tartare with Frites

3927 rue St-Denis,
Metro: Sherbrooke
Marché Jean Talon
7075 rue Casgrain
Metro: Jean-Talon

Listen to the podcast Montreal Food Scene. Listen to the podcast Montreal Food Scene

22 thoughts on “We Traveled, We Ate, We Conquered: A Montreal City Break (A Podcast)

  1. i appreciate that your blog is not snobby, mindful of an every man’s budget but still keep to true to the food, and the little meanderings, where sometimes you veer off topic are like the stars off the dish, thanks for keeping a stranger entertained- look forward to reading/hearing your future posts

  2. Hey, giff, joy and maria!

    thanks for the comments. joy – your comment is really appreciated. really! it is so important that we try and convey that we really are not food snobs, we like ALL types and are just snobs against processed stuff. Other than that, bring on any type! thanks again!!

    maria: yup, that’s steak tartare in all its raw beef glory! it’s very delicious!

  3. I’m dying to go to Montreal. We had a wonderful vacation in Toronto this summer.

    Lovely post/podcast!

    BTW… my German “daughter” has been doing things like flying Dusseldorf to Stockholm for 16 E, so it’s still possible to do those city breaks.

  4. I’m so glad that you had a good trip!! Montreal is one of my favourite (Canadian spellings, in honour of the event) cities. Amazing food that can fit any budget….and a passion for both smoked meats AND duck fat in all it’s glory. Sigh.

  5. Great pictures! Glad to hear that you had such a good time. Makes me sad that we won’t be planning a trip to Montreal anytime in the near future!

  6. I ate steak tartare years ago…don’t know that I’d have the courage to do it anymore (doesn’t it include raw eggs)? But the sausage and liver spread look pretty good.
    P.S. I love those colorful cauliflowers in your Flickr slide!

  7. I love Montreal, especially the Olde City by Notre Dame.
    I had the best sandwich I have ever eaten in my life in a little charcuterie butcher shop down on Rue St. Denis. I still think about it wrapped up in that lovely paper.
    You guys are always doing something fun!

  8. I have yet to meet anyone who hasn’t enjoyed Monntreal…it has it all, kind folks, history, architecture, art, music, nightlife and of course great food!

  9. HAhaha I thought that pate was ice cream or something. Whoops, maybe I need glasses. Everything looks awesome, and I’m glad you guys had a good time. The pics are sweet dude.

  10. my b/f and i just visited montreal a month ago and it was wonderful! we also went to l’express and also had the pate! i absolutely loved the restaurant and one of my favorite parts of the meal was the glass jar of mini pickles they give each table…mmm…yum:)

  11. Wow! I wish I was there. It all looks heavenly. I thought the pate was chocolate mousse at first. I guess it is on my mind. But that steak tartare and frites are what is really calling me right now.

  12. Woohoo! Great to find another foodie podcast with Montreal on the plate. Angelique and I love l’Express. Check out the most recent episode of Montreal Bites : we talk about going to l’Express for an after-dinner drink.

    Next time you’re in town, let us know – would be cool to record a joint podcast episode!

  13. I left Montréal 14 years ago & lament the opening of incredible restaurants since my departure. L’Express has been a staple for decades & has been surpassed by many since I left. My new favourite is a French restaurant in an off the beaten track, yet relatively central location at de Maisonneuve east & Amherst called O’thym(www.othym.com). I started with a pistachio-bedded sweetbreads in apple cider, followed by the palate cleanser lime sorbet in a small bath of vodka topped with a sprig of thyme. My main course(which was not the main event, as every course was a delight to the senses) was veal kidneys in a mustard sauce with a square of scalloped potatoes with mini carrots as accompaniment. A selection of local cheeses were displayed & I opted with a not too pungent blue cheese as well as a softer mild cheese. The meal concluded with a burnt maple syrup crème brûlée(this part of Canada along with Vermont produces 80% of the world’s maple syrup). Alas, there was no room for a digestive nor coffee. In any case, it would have been anti-climatic. BTW- It is a bring your own wine(they have none), but they have at least 6 types of mineral waters(plus tap water is also an option). Prices range from $60-$75 per person for the full deal.

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