It’s Finally Our Turn – Weekend Herb Blogging Hosting.

Next week we will be hosting the food-blog-famous Weekend Herb Blogging event started by Kalyn at Kayln’s Kitchen. We’re excited because we signed up to be hosts about six months ago and I almost forgot about it until Kayln so patiently tracked us down! We’ll be accepting your dishes via email from Monday, October 13th through Sunday, October 19th at 6PM East Coast Time. Please email a picture of your dish (please make it big enough that it can be seen!) along with the name of the dish, where you live, your name, your blog name and the dish’s blog link to Check out the rules here if you’re new to this event.

If you’re interested in hosting this event as well, be prepared (as I am) because it supposedly takes a lot of work to post the recap. I’m a little nervous about the deadline, but I’ll do my best! As for us, we’re off tonight to a weekend getaway for the long weekend. We felt like being spontaneous and decided to spend some money during this economic crisis. We’ll try to post from our location! Happy Friday and in the meantime, check out some older recipes that would make great Friday or Saturday night meal (meaning they are a bit of an indulgence)!

9 thoughts on “It’s Finally Our Turn – Weekend Herb Blogging Hosting.

  1. I’ll be there chicos! Anything for my favourite couple in Brooklyn!!!! Too bad I already posted my steak tartare today, I could have sent it over to you (it was my first time using red onion). Anyway’s there will be more comming ;D
    Good luck with the hosting!

  2. Hi, Traci! Thanks for noticing those pictures. They are our favorites. We rotate them so each time you come to the blog you should get a different picture. But, that picture you liked happens to be one of my personal favorites. It is of gelati – we took it on Elba Island in Italy. They just know how to do it right! Thanks for the comment.

    Nuria: THat’s right girl! Get your entry over to us! You can totally do your steak tartare – just edit the post to say you are sending it to us and link back to our blog. Easy! BTW: WHY is this the first time you’ve used red onion???

  3. Slow day, eh? Did you guys get my email? My emails tend to go to people’s junk boxes, especially when they have attachments. Must be all the viagra and viruses in them.

  4. Because it was one of the ingredients for the tartare and because I normally use white ones or green, or a regional one from here that is violet… but never a red one 😀

    And also because Kalyn now asks for new ingredients or ingredients with specific healing or whatsoever new possibilities. Anyways, I’m sending you over another one. Have a great weekend!!!!

  5. ciao amy, ciao jonny…
    I’m glad you are the hosts this week.
    I’m doing my homework, and will soon be ready 🙂
    will be back with something for your round up!!

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