Sara Moulton Going to PBS in April – Die Food Network, DIE!

Just found out that another one bites the dust for the oldies (but true goodies) from the Fool Network. Sara Moulton has either been 1) asked to leave the Food Network by not having her contract renewed because she’s not K-RAZY enough, has relatively no cleavage, is actually classically trained and/or doesn’t have a tag line as stupid as BAM! or EVOO or 2) she’s finally followed her ‘inner voice’ telling her that the Food Network no longer cares about food, the purity of food, the deliciousness of creative food (and don’t you DARE try and tell me that Sandra Lee is creative) or the intelligence of food culture and only cares about big personalities and catering to middle-America. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again… PBS is really where the thinking cook should be watching their TV food shows. GO SARA! We’re proud of you! Batali and Mark Bittman will be doing that Spain food and travel show soon with Gwynetth Paltrow (HUH? What the fuck? Explain that one to me?), and guess what network it’s on? PBS, that’s right! I hope Batali gets his own show there and then my Monday night TV watching will be complete (get rid of that crappy “Everyday Food” show… you can not convince me that “Open-Faced Grilled Cheese with Apple and Bacon” deserves not only a 5-minute segment, but a freaking recipe? THE TITLE OF THE “DISH” IS THE RECIPE!) – Lydia, followed by (hopefully one day) Batali, then Jacques Pepin, topped off with Mark Bittman.

You go, Sara! Can’t wait to watch you again. We know you’ll be better off with this move.


4 thoughts on “Sara Moulton Going to PBS in April – Die Food Network, DIE!

  1. Certainly, you cannot be surprised. Many of the other networks have undergone the same stultifying and stupefying reprogramming. You would be wise to run for the hills. And yes, I am snob who is interested in quality instead of the usual fly-blown junk offered up by lowbrow program directors who believe that fat, grammar-assaulting, untrained anthropoids smearing grease and pre-packaged rubbish across the screen are the answer. And you know, sister, they are right.

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