Could this be the Solution to World Hunger!? White Bread to Save the World!?


As you may remember, weeks ago I wrote a post about a fish recipe we made using cheap, white bread called “Who Said There’s No Room for Wonder Bread in Gourmet Cooking?” Well, We Are Never Full readers, UNICEF, UN leaders and government agencies around the world, we may have discovered something unbelievable here. WHITE BREAD NEVER FRIGGIN’ GOES OFF/GOES MOLDY! That’s right! We’re not even scientists and somehow we produced and highly-technical experiment involving 99-cent white bread and a small counter in Brooklyn. See what we did was we bought this really crappy and cheap white ‘enriched’ bread, only because we needed two pieces for our fish recipe. Two weeks later, I used a few more pieces to make these really nasty, but kind of good, “appetizers” for my nearest and dearest friends. But, what I what I didn’t realize until today is that we never threw out the last two slices of this genius invention. There they sat on our crowded counter, in the ceramic bowl where we keep sugar packets, two slices of perfect, non-moldy, seemingly fresh cheap, white enriched bread. Ready to be eaten today – 4 weeks after we bought it at the store.

Now, all kidding aside… this really should be food for thought to anyone who still eats this crap on a daily basis. If it can still be eaten after staying out on a Brooklyn, NY counter for 4 weeks, what the hell is in it to keep it like that!? How come the $4 whole-grain loaf we normally eat goes moldy within 6 days? Maybe it’s because there aren’t any preservatives in it like the cheap stuff. This also further makes me more irritated at the fact that just cause food is cheap, does it really have to be crap for you?

Just “food” (and I use that word lightly!) for thought for your Thursday…


3 thoughts on “Could this be the Solution to World Hunger!? White Bread to Save the World!?

  1. You know what, mustard, you’re right. there ARE bargains all around that are healthy – veggies, whole chickens, grains, rice, etc. I agree… but I guess my point was, many people find it easier to buy cheap processed things b/c they last long and you don’t have to cook it/creat a meal out of it. It just seems to me that fast food and processed food make it much easier to eat cheaply than cooking or buying healthier alternatives. I’m up for a challenge on that though!

  2. White bread that does not go “off” is saved by the fact that there are not enough nutrients in it to maintain the life of any prospective colonising moulds.

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