Rachel Ray – Maybe Hate is a Strong Word?

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Anyone else feeling ill?

Rachel Ray Butt

Rachel Ray REALLY Knows Cooking!

I’d like to open up this updated rant with a quote from the now departed from the Food Network, the great, talented, Mario Batali on his former employer:

“They don’t need me. They have decided they are mass market and they are going after the Wal-Mart crowd. (This was)… a smart business decision. So they don’t need someone who uses polysyllabic words from other languages.”

Rachel Ray is a multimillionare. This is a subject I could rant about for hours. In fact, some of my closest friends have had the unfortunate opportunity to hear my rants and backsided comments about my arch-nemisis – Rachel Ray. God, even uttering her name…. just typing her name… makes my mouth purse, my body shiver and I find myself making asandralee.jpg gaging sound. For this reason, I try my best to stay away. Emeril Lagasse gives me the same reaction every time I see him BAM!ing or GARLIC!ing or ADDING A GLASS OF WINE, WHOA!ing. (Update: He’s now off the Food Network. Maybe the execs read my rant? Nahh, he’s in the works for a new show on another channel – toned down possibly?) God, kill me. I’m now getting a skin rash. But I must get through this post. If I save just one, JUST ONE person through my mission, I will feel satisfied.

I digress. At least Emeril owns his own restaurants, has been a head chef, went to culinary school and has a decent show where he’s not feeding into this whole idea of producing a food TV show that’s “safe, fun and absolutely k-razy’ that seems to be overtaking the stupid Food Network these days. Anyone watch that show called “The Next Food Network Star“? Yes, I gave a few of the reruns a whirl. There was one contestant named “JAG” who was very proud of his Latino background. During one episode he mentioned in a radio interview that there is a lack of minorities on the Food Network and that’s one of the reason’s he thought it was important that he won. This is something I’ve thought about for years. Where are the REAL cooks? Where are the REAL chefs? Where are the cooks that look like the people I meet here in Brooklyn? They sure as fuck don’t look like Rachel Ray or frigginGiada DiLaurentis and her cleavage getting in the way of her Barilla pasta recipes (don’t even get me started). If I even begin to discuss Sandra “Life-size blow-up doll” Lee and her friggin’ “tablescapes”, I may pass out of exhaustion. My newest nemesis – or nemesis’s (if that’s even a word) – Ingrid Hoffman. I’m not saying that the Food Network must get someone who even kind of looks Latino or has a Latino name, and I know she was raised in Columbia and has a restaurant in Miami, blah blah blah. But, it’s just hard to swallow why Food Network continues to make these choices. When I’m watching the good food TV on PBS, like Latino cooking show Daisy Cooks! with Daisy Martinez, it just makes more sense as to why Food Network chooses yet another aesthetically beautiful “cook” who is “entertaining” and “Caucasian-looking” over a host who looks like many of the Latino cooks I know here in Brooklyn (like Daisy). Is it just me? Does it make sense to you?

I feel as though Rachel Ray catapulted the Food Network into changing the momentum of what the network originally stood for. Remember the old days of Molto Mario and a few minorities like that Curtis guy? When Emeril said BAM! only once every other show and it was barely animated? Sara Moulton was the hottest woman on the network – and one of the more exciting in personality? Her voice may sound like nails on a chalkboard, but she’s not even annoying because she was being herself! Not some animated cartoon character brainwashed to grab ratings.

Now, to the positives (still mixed with a few negatives… come on, what do you expect!!). Mario Batali is still a part of the Food Network. (Update: Again, I’m wondering if someone at TFN read this shitty piece of journalism? Mario is gone as well!) He continues to show intelligence, passion and vision (NOT ANYMORE – YOU’VE COMPLETELY LOST IT FN!). Emeril’s “Essence of Emeril” is still on and continues to make me hate Emeril alot less than when I’m forced to pass through the channel at 8pm, catching a glimpse of that other show I love so much. Iron Chef America, love it! Except that boring, we-have-no-other-woman-who-has-a-degree-from-a-culinary-school-to-represent-

women-on-this-show-so-we-were-forced-to-choose-this-biznatch, Cat Cora. CAT CORA!?! WHAT!!??! I can barely watch this show when she is on! If I have to see her create boring dishes and win again (I swear, the shows she’s on are fixed recently – probably b/c her losses were starting to be greater in number than her wins!). Oh, and I can’t even consider drinking Ouzo anymore because of her. Anywho’s, back to the positives. Alton Brown is still a part of the Food Network. He’s smart, witty, nerdy and cool all at the same time. He really does know his shiznit and I enjoy anything he’s a part of (he makes watching a Cat Cora Iron Chef tolarable). Sara Moulton is still kind of on – at a weird time when only stay-at-home-mom’s and the unemployed have time to watch TV. I’m not sure if she makes new episodes? (Again, wtf!? She’s g-g-gooone! Thanks for reading, Bob Tuschman!) One last positive, Bobby Flay. I can’t believe I’m writing this!! I just recently starting kind of liking Bobby Flay. I’ve always thought he had talent, but his ego just rubbed me the wrong way. Ever since he has been willing to deflate his ego (loosing a few times at Iron Chef America and loosing most times on Throwdown), I’ve realized he’s not so bad. I do think he’s a good and creative chef (except that “3 Sauce” trademark needs to go!).

All in all, I’ve ranted enough. Just realized I missed the chance to discuss Michael “Seriously, I’m a real Italian-American! Did you hear me pronounce mozzarell? Gobba-goo? Proccuit? Did you see how many hand gestures I make?!” Chiarello or Ina “Do I make anything other than roasted chicken?” Garten. That can be for a later post. Thanks for reading my rant. It’s something Jonny and I rant about often. I know I”m not alone with all this… please, tell me I’m not alone!

PS: If you’re really interested in venting your RR frustrations, head to http://community.livejournal.com/rachael_ray_sux/

Here’s another WANF reader chiming in on Ray-Ray too! http://normalmagazine.blogspot.com/2007/12/rachel-ray-devils-best-friend.html

**Update: It seems as though the powers that be (ie: Bob Tuschman) understands this rant.  There are now 5 (count ’em FIVE) non-Caucasian Food Network personalities with shows (including my “one to watch” at the time, Daisy Martinez) out of 27.  The Neely’s are counted as two separate non-Caucasians, so that would only be 4 shows out of 27.  That’s up a lot from 2007 when this post went live. I’d like to say I had something to do with it but, I’m guessing, I didn’t.   But maybe, just maybe, some intern downloaded my rant and handed it to a powers that be and it got them just a little pissed off.  It’s my dreamworld, ok?

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122 thoughts on “Rachel Ray – Maybe Hate is a Strong Word?

  1. Wraow, saucer of milk, table 12.

    Isn’t it supposed to be about the food? If they show me decent, easy to prepare meals that don’t call for extra virgin goat scrotums, grown only on the east side of Mt. Kilimanjaro in the months of July through August “but available at your local fine foods store” if you happen to live in New York or Florence, then I could care less about the personality, ethnic background, or breast size of the cook. I like Rachel just because it’s basic family feeding food that you can buy at Kroger or Tom Thumb or Giant Eagle. Annoying, maybe. Good recipes, yes.

  2. I totally agree with you on many things.
    I used to like rachael ray but she has become intolerable the past year probably.
    Alton brown is probably the only person on the food network I will always love. Ina Garten sickens me everything is “really good” and he laugh makes me cringe. Sandra Lee’s tablescapes are completely ridiculous and yes she does look like a retired porn star lol

  3. Seriously, who cares if she can cook! That pic up there of her looking over her shoulder with that amazing booty is good enough for me! I’ll do the cooking, she can just walk around with that crazy booty.

  4. You jackasses just don’t get it, and neither does the FN. The mistake the FN makes is that they create cookie cutter Rachel Rays of all shapes, colors and sizes (lets not forget that big ole sweet pile of southern fried crap that no one seems to remember Paula Dean) as well as developing a competition show to find the “Next Rachel Ray” that’s produced one non-bomb in its many attempts (Guy Fieri) to capitalize on the RR phenomena. I don’t hate Rachel Ray, I can’t hate someone for having “it” I do hate greedy, lazy, un-creative network heads like that thin nosed ass crack sniffing fool that heads up the FN (yeah you Bob Tuschman) who perpetuate the Rachel clone phenomenon. I more than most of you foam heads would love to see Fast Food My Way and the Kitchen Sessions book-ended by 30 minute and Good Eats on a week night for a line up that can satiate a wide spectrum of viewers. I can’t even tell you how many Rachel clones have come and gone since the Rachel phenomenon began but the sheer number of failures should send the FN a message that maybe its time to be little more diverse. Maybe we don’t need a puerto rican, a black, an italian, a gay, an old, a young, a red-headed, two black, an asian (oh wait, haven’t done that one yet!) a baker, and on and on Rachel clones. That isn’t the kind of diversity the FN needs, it needs to make more interesting TV with DIFFERENT characters. That’s what you jackasses need to communicate. I mean why can’t DD&D have an upscale version (Great Chefs anyone?) of that show. Do we really need to have hours on end of shows like Unwrapped and cake bakers and dessert competitions? Take a look at the shows that have a buzz, NoReservations, DD&D and Zimmern diverse with a charismatic host if need be and a point of view. I’d love to see if the FN would try to create a non edgy Bourdain, maybe that’s Fieri, in any case it worked. Oh btw for the Bourdain hater (pencil nck i think?), if you happen to be a successful chef in NYC which AB was, that would put him somewhere in the top 1% of chefs in the world. I’m sure you’d love to chow on some of Dave Lieberman’s Good Deal wouldn’t you? So here’s the deal Mr. FN ass crack sniffer stop giving us cheap, “colorful” knock offs of Rachel and give us some real cooking shows!

  5. Wow, this all sounds so immature to talk about someone like this. Are you bashing them because you have actual reasons for hating them, or is it because you are secretly jealous of these people? I am all for you having your own opinion, but it’s kinda lame to express your opinion like this. You wouldn’t really want anyone to talk like this about you…Just saying.

  6. HEY ADMIN I HOPE YOU AND ALL UR FAMILY DIES I PRAY THAT IT HAPPENS FUCK YEAH FUCK Fuck yeah! fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck…
    fuck that felt good.

    1. very mature, chkntits. thanks! your opinion is about as important to us as learning how to spell correctly was to you.
      and, thanks also for the best wishes for our families. Rest assured our families will someday die, but hopefully not before yours.
      btw… i don’t think we’re that ugly or fat. but you can decide for yourself by clicking “about us” on the top of the page.
      and, love the name! Is it an alias or do you really have chicken tits?

  7. My two teenagers discovered Rachel Ray and suddenly got interested in food and cooking, shopping for it and yes, even showing up in the kitchen to make some. They like the humour and silliness, the level of difficulty (“the easier and faster, the better” is their motto) and the type of dishes RR makes. I am happy, hubby is happy and there is new stuff at the dinner table.

    Just like in the world of food, it is matter of taste and there is no need to get your aprons in a massive twist over it. Turn of the TV, go elsewhere, or send petitions to the progamming executives, whatever. Or whip up something sweeter and frothier than your horrid rant. Cin cin!

    P.S. We do not shop at WalMart or eat at fast food/chain restaurants, thank you very much.

    1. I’m glad your kids got into food – regardless of how they got into it. if it was thru ray-ray, then so be it. i’m glad. happy, actually. but i can’t wait till they are mature enough to recognize that they need to learn more about food and search for better chefs to do so. learning about food and food culture doesn’t end w/ yum-o.

  8. Good looking people do better in every occupation where people choose who gets the job. If that process of choice is eliminated then it does not matter but otherwise….
    Is cooking exempt? Yes, if the chef is hidden in the kitchen but if a TV camera is turned on…. Anything to do with the media is impacted to a degree by looks. It would not matter if Ray even did the cooking or knew much about food.

  9. Rachel Ray is fine as hell man. I agree listening to her talk can be annoying but i’d totally hit it. I mean i’d be licking her ass and everything

  10. I used to like RR when she first had her show on. Then, the little catch phrases started. “EVOO” “YUMMO” and so on. I don’t really hate her but I don’t really like her either. Yes, I have watched Giada, Guy, Emmiril(sp?) and all the others. Some have entertained me while others were turned off after 5 minutes. Have I watched some of these shows because of the women? Yep. I’ll be the first to admit it. I think Giada is very attractive. I also thought RR was attractive too(A little weight gain has diminished the appeal now). People, this is a free country. I support anyones rights to hate/love what ever you want even if it differs from my opinion. Yes, FN screwed up and tried to have a whole network of Rachels. Didn’t work. There are still some decent shows on the channel and I will still watch some of them when I can. 1 thing I will say is that she was in the right place at the right time and most of us would have done the same thing if put in her position.

  11. personally i don’t care for the new reality tv spin FN has taken that being said i like didn’t really get into cooking until rachel ray got to the network because she made it so accessable. i used to think FN was pretentious but if it gets anymore dumbed down i think were going to be in some serious trouble:(

  12. How pathetic to just sit around hating someone you have never met. I personally like her. I mean she can be annoying at times but generally she has a nice perky personality and makes it very easy to pick up some cooking tips. you don’t have to be a profesional chef to know how to cook and that’s what her whole show was based on. it’s recipies that average people can make at home. who do you think the average person is going to be able to pick up a recipe from? a professional chef with all kinds of advanced techniques or someone who just cooks well at home?

  13. I almost wish I could have gotten past the first picture with comment on it. lol. That was the point I realized it was written by a jealous girl from the Bronx. Shame on you for hating such a decent person. Maybe you should check out her bio and see that she really is a cool chef girl!

  14. She did appear on Iron chef with a 4some.
    Giada De Laurentiis & Bobby Flay / Rachael Ray & Mario Batali

    Everyone is different when it comes to taste.
    I am not a fan of Batali. If I want to eat Italian, I
    can cook it myself at home. Never goto a restaurant for it.
    However; I watch the shows to see how more complex
    I can get. They, no matter how low of complexity it is,
    have useful knowledge which I can gain.
    Personality and usefulness is the key.
    Rach brings many bachelors or families a nice
    new attitude of “can do”. Simplicity. That is what is
    geared towards the shows and have yet to be to one
    of the Top Chefs restaurants. Hopefully soon.

  15. No one HATES Rachael Ray more than I do, but if you are going to hate her, spell RachAel correctly! Other than that, love your blog. I scream at my t.v. on a daily basis when her RR show is on to KEEP THAT DAMNED LIZARD TONGUE IN HER MOUTH, to sit up straight and pull her shoulders back to at least give the illusion of having a neck, to keep her damned hands off her face, hair, nose, and chin, and to quit saying “Oh my gravy,” which is the NERDIEST expression on the face of the Earth. And, Rachael, you are too damned short to wear those short skirts–you look like a moron in them. And can we say your magazine covers are photoshopped to the max–you don’t remotely resemble the covers of your magazine! Also, when you cook (and I know you aren’t a chef), but turn the handles of your pans to the left–not straight out. You don’t have to go to culinary school to know basic safety. One of these days, you are going to flip hot grease over your butter face.

  16. I used to watch Food Network 24/7 when they first started, and I loved both Rachel and Emeril. However, at some point, these 2 personalities took up 80% of the airtime and the rest of the shows were just used as fillers to give them a break. Then came the search for new stars, that you actually never see again after they win…followed by endless challenge shows for one thing of another, very few shows where people actually cook. Needless to say, I haven’t watched the Food Network channel in almost 2 years. I’m back to watching PBS on weekends, or surfing the net for cooking videos. If I want to watch bad cooking (disgusting, but funny), I will watch “Jolene Sugarbaker The Trailer Park Queen Teaches The World About Trailer Park Living”.
    Want a break from TFN, try this: http://www.jolenestrailerpark.com/?cat=6

  17. Geezz..Rachel Ray is such a joke and to be honest quite scary with her botox cheeks. When she smiles she looks like the clown from SAW. She really went all out with the needle. And what is up with the way she always licks her tongue out of the sides of her mouth? Is it all dried out from the frozen injections? And yes I did enjoy her when she was less famous now she is a little too vulgar in her playful little way.

  18. Well, lets start with the minutely talented blogger that wrote this piece. If it werent for Rachel and others you hate, you probably would be unemployed. Then there is Mary. Put your picture up on the internet and lets see how many of us Barf at you. Then there is NCK, has to have women issues. Batali is a joke (maybe because I dont like the things he cooks) and Bourdain is Booring. Reminds me of an alcoholic who runs around sponging off others. And I hope Rachel apologized to you when you met her and she treated you so badly–oh wait, you never met her. You are going off other’s opinions or jealousies. I could go on about others, but I dont think they would let me write that much. The best thing for all you haters out there, Im sure you have other channels to watch when Rachel comes on.

  19. Wow! There are some really serious haters on this blog! But, seriously, I understand and completely with really all of your negative comments about Rachel Ray. I have spent almost 10 years trying to figure out why the hell she even has a cooking show! She is completely unqualified and her recipes should be on the back of a can of soup! Plus if I hear “yummo” or “EVOO” one more time I am going to scream! I think Rachel Ray is beloved by women who don’t know how to cook anyway. I think she is part of the “dumbing”-down of the food network. Her and Sandra “Semi-Homemade” Lee. It is kind of insulting to home cooks. It is like they are saying “we know you cannot possibly cook ‘chef-level’ dishes, so we are going to teach you to make this crap.” And yes, Giada, please put your boobs away while you are cooking! Yes, we all know they are big, yes they are distracting, but really it is a cheap trick and men can see through that crap anyway. It just makes me lose all respect for you. I don’t know if I should watch your show or put dollar bills in your G-string! Emeril is annoying as hell with his “Bam” but the man can cook and he is a legend. Respect due. His restaurants are world renown. Nuff said. I love Mario, but it appears I am in the minority on that one. He taught me how to make authentic regional italian food, but now I just watch Lidia Bastianich on PBS. Leave Ingrid Hoffman alone! Yes, she is gorgeous. I would marry the woman if I could. She does, by the way, own her own restaurant in Miami and she was trained to cook by her mom who was a Cordon Bleu chef. So I think she knows a thing or two about cooking. I have watched Ingrid’s show and Daisy’s show and frankly I don’t think Daisy’s show is any better. The admin seems to have a problem with beautiful women on TV. I don’t know if you mean for it to come across this way, but it makes you seem insecure about what you look like. I have no problem criticizing airheads like Rachel Ray and Sandra Lee, but don’t just slam people for being better looking than you. And for the record, Latino people come in all colors. I live in California where many of the immigrants are Mexican instead of Puerto Rican, and so many of them look like Ingrid NOT like Daisy. There are also Latinos as dark as me,( I am African American) so you should not typecast. For God’s sake, Ingrid’s show started on Galavision! Is that latin enough for you? I appreciate your blog, just be fair, don’t be a hater!

  20. How could you hate Rachael ray look at all that ass on her!!I know she’s irritating as hell by I wouldn’t kick her out of bed over breadcrumbs.

  21. This is kind of ironic/hilarious, but Rachel Ray produces Viva Daisy! hosted by your beloved latina-rific Daisy Martinez. Also as a latina myself, I reguard Rachel as racially ambiguous considering she is of Sicillian, French, Scottish, and Welsh descent; I would hardly call that caucasion

  22. When topgun said you need a hobby, I think he meant you all need a life. (Laughing devilishly) Oh, here come the flood of bitter responses. Good thing I’ll never see them, but you all could pretend that I’ll actually read them. I sense some jealous, dare I say. Well, I said it…can’t take it back. Darn. Bye. LOL

  23. Alright, first and foremost: I agree with you. Mostly. A fair amount of the Food Network hosts are not great chefs.

    HOWEVER, they have their place. Not everyone who watches Food Network is a great cook! Some are stay-at-home moms who need a few tips, and Sandra Lee (minus the friggin’ “tablescapes”), has a place in this respect. As does Rachel Ray. Now, I’ll admit, neither are amazing cooks. But neither are most American women. They’re relatable.

    Ina Garten — I like her. She cooks things that are new but not frightening, and again, a safe zone is not really BAD. I mean, yes, you could cook herb-stuffed calamari sauteed in spicy marinara. A lot of you would enjoy it, I’m sure. But the average American family might be a little hesitant. Ina has good tips. Watching her makes things look easy.

    Mario Batali. Oh, Mario Batali. Did this man have a single flaw? I did a happydance when his show came on. I still grin and giggle when watching reruns of Iron Chef starring him. He was truly a legendary presence, and now — gone. Food Net screwed up big here, letting him go, I will admit.

    Bobby Flay… I am shocked to be agreeing with you, but, yes, his deflated ego has been allowing me to appreciate him further.

    Finally, my advice for Food Network:

    Good Lord, people, move your damn tourguides to the Travel Channel. We are not going to Hawaii — we want to cook. I won’t ask you to terminate more of these “starter” chefs, but I will appreciate a new cook here and there who’s cooking for people who already KNOW how to cook. I have high hopes for Aarti (winner of this season’s The Next Food Network Star). The girl can cook. Keep doing that and you might have a have-decent channel.

  24. I actually keyed in to see if anyone noticed the irritating tics that RR has. Her hands, touching her face, is constant and she really needs to keep her hands under to table or sit on them. She is extremely good at hosting and interviewing people, if she could just stop the hands on face and that awful lizard tongue that darts out sideways. I’m surprised her go tos have not told her to stop it. My kids and I, always like to immitate one of her phrases to get a laugh. Example, “Mom, I got the top grade in my class!” RR, “Your kidding, Shut up…..

  25. Rachel Ray is great, and you are a racist obsessed with skin color. Truth is, you don’t know how many Causasians are on FN because you cannot tell ethnicity by looking at someone’s skin, as millions of “black” people in the US will tell you.

  26. P.S. comment #85, Dave? Is a homo. No offense to homosexuals. What do you have against boobs and good looking women dude? You’re obviously not straight. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  27. If you don”t like watching Rachel Ray or Sandra Lee turn the station. If everybody were alike the veiwers would still find something to complain about . You are propably down on your luck and you have got to talk about someone. Get off your asses and ger a Life, That means Get A Job. I like to watch Rachel Ray and I feel that she fixes some delicious meals. Grow Up and quit complaining just because you cant cook. Take cooking lessons.

  28. **We’ve slightly edited this fine gentleman’s drunken rant (there’s even a PART 2! comment after this one! LOL). His girlfriend is clearly a lucky, lucky gal. -amy/jonny***

    HAHAHAHA This is hilarious!!! And it figures a girl would write this. Hey BITCH you’re just jealous!!! #1. Rachel Ray is fine as hell if you can’t tell in the pictures above. And #2. She’s rich as hell!!! I’ve never watched any of her shows because I don’t cook, but even if she is annoying, she obviously is a good cook and cooks good food because she has her own show and gets paid to cook food on tv for other people. So you jealous, no-life, BITCH get a life!!! The only reason you’re writing this is because you’re jealous and you have no life. Worry about you’re own because from the sound of things it sounds like you have a shitty life. Now to everybody else that likes Rachel Ray, I appologize for my language, but sometimes the truth is harsh and sometimes people need the truth told to their face!!!!! So Amy, get a life you jealous BITCH and stop being a hater!!!!! JEALOUS BITCH!!!!!

  29. ***And here’s our lovely Thomas’ second comment of the night (it was about 4.30AM when our lovely drunken Ray-Ray lover dropped these intelligent words – amy/jonny***

    Alright I forgot some more things I want to add. Unlike most of ya’ll fuck-faces on this websites I have a life, but the reason I’m writing is because after I get home late at night from drinking and partying and having a life, I get on the computer for a little bit and pass out. Rachel Ray is sexy as shit so I was looking up her pictures and WOW she’s fucking gorgeous. Comment #97/98, I agree with you dude she’s thick and sexy and the f*g that wrote the comment #85 is gay!!! And there is a problem with gay people ________ (we decided that Thomas’ lame homophobic comment had no place on our blog so I had to delete that part) Now back to the topic, how are ya’ll dumbass’ going to talk shit about somebody who is happily married, therefore why the fuck does she care what ya’ll think about how she looks!!! DUMBFUCKS!!!!! And her food is good because my girlfriend loves her show and cooks out of her book all of the time and her dishes are the shit!!! All of ya’ll dumbass’ proly just don;t know how to fucking cook!!! And do you think she gives a fuck on what ya’ll think about her food??? She makes millions!!! And last but not least, I will speak for Rachel Ray on this part and say what she should say to all of ya;ll “GET OFF MY NUTS”

  30. Well, my case is that I don’t hate Rachel Ray, nor Giada (even though I hate the fact she even talks with a grin which looks so fake). I like RR and her perky personality but I have noticed the minority issue and the fact that more and more show hosts are looking more like out-of-a-magazine-models than simple cooks and chefs. I don’t like that, I feel insulted that they have to sell the public a good show with a pair of boobs or a jock, instead of with the good quality of the show. It’s just annoying that even for a food show you have to see a “beauty” cooking, telling our children and the whole world “that’s how you have to look, act and be”. This is yet another example of how looks monopolize our world instead of wit and brains. That’s why I love Alton, I guess, lol!

    BTW, I found Rachel’s sexy photo shooting tasteless and insulting for women around the world, like “Hey, I’m taking the poultry out of the oven and I’m ready for sex, like a woman should be”.

    Bottom line: I’m a “mainland” Puertorican (if that exists, lol) and a woman; I’m glad those woman have great bodies and amazing looks, but I don’t think there’s a need for all of them to be like that in order to get a show. Yes, I noticed the minority issue before and it bugged me, then I saw the model looks issue and it started to make sense. Like my good friend Jerry always says: “Sex sells”!

  31. *sighs*, its Television people. Of course they are going to choose people with higher ratings. What do you really expect? Why don’t you get a job through Food Network and DO something about it instead of sitting at your computer ‘crying’ about stupid stuff you can not do anything about. Maybe start reading Cook Books instead of watching TV? Maybe BECOME a chef yourself and make a difference? I swear haters have nothing better to do than spread their infectious hate around the world b/c they are TOO DAMN LAZY to make that difference. GET A LIFE!!!

  32. WOW..Rachel Ray cooks?? I was always to busy looking at her and not what she was doing! Those pics are amazing. She has what I think is the perfect figure that I prefer. Nice and meaty , very curvy, cute smile, pretty face…Oh wait, did you write an article about her?? Sorry …. I kinda stopped “reading” it at the pictures! LOL

  33. Damn Rachael Ray is so Hot and her ass is OMG, she gonna be GF in the future even though theres a 25 year difference

  34. i think if you hate somebody as much as you say you hate rachel ray why look at her, she has done you no harm, so it must be jealousy that makes you dislike for her. yes, she has gained some of her weight back, but i don’t thnk it’s from eating all of the food that she cooks. and her voice is not as bubvly as it use to be, she sounds sad and kind of depressed. her friends claims that it is from snacking and eating the macaroni and cheese that she likes so well. i think it is something else. she sounds like she don’t even want to be on the show that i saw. and her bubbly personality is why she is on the food show, plus she don’t make cooking seem so serious and hard. don’t hate her because she has something that you don’t have. i feel like she is a breath of fresh air. be happy for her and throw your hatred out of the window. i think she is having some sort if personal problem that is causing her sadness. i wish her well she is too young to be sad.

  35. You’re dumb! Who cares! It’s a fucking television show, you don’t like it, don’t watch it! Seems simple to me, instead you feel the need to go on a lengthy (& boring) diatribe about how much you HATE her. She’s a tv chef, get a life!

  36. I agree in many points of the article, but if Rachel Ray is fake in her personality, she sure fools me! She just seems bubbly and adorable to me, but I agree again. I’m sure someone less attractive of equal or better talent wouldn’t be as lucky to have their own show…It’s all about entertainment these days over talent.

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