HIT me Rachel One More Time!

So, recenty I’ve been noticing that my blog-rant about the annoying Rachel Ray (and many other Food Network ‘personalities’) has been producing big hits on this blog (ok, big hits for this blog, which is probably nothing compared to other well-known ones). This, of course, excites me since I used to get happy when we only had 13 hits a day. I decided to look at some of the “Search Engine Terms” that have helped people reach the post about Ray-Ray and I’ve come up with a list of the best ones (and nastiest, too):

  1. Rachel Ray Hot (wha-wha-WHAT!!?!?!??!)
  2. Rachel Ray Photo (ewww, why? Just turn on TFN, I bet she’s on RIGHT NOW)
  3. Rachel Ray Apron (does she ever wear one over that lovely too-tight, tucked-in mom-jean look? Why would she want to cover that up!?)
  4. Rachel Ray Large (?????)
  5. Rachel Ray Hairstyle (maybe they are meaning to look up “The Rachel” from the 90’s?)
  6. Rachel Ray Butt Pics (ummmmm….)
  7. Rachel Ray A$$ (uhhhhhhh….)
  8. Rachel Ray Fu%king (no joke… someone out in cyber-land was actually hoping to find something with this one – me, I just threw up a little in my mouth)
  9. I want to fu%k Rachel Ray (must be the same guy who came up with nothing after searching for #8)
  10. Rachel Ray + hate (must be a friend of ours)

And my FAVORITE “We Are Never Full” Rachel Ray Search Engine term is (drumroll, please):

10. Rachel Ray Bong (I could not even tell you how those three words would get anyone to our blog!)

I hope I have not offended anyone, especially if you are one of the ‘special’ people who have discovered “We Are Never Full” by typing in one of the above terms. Regardless of how you arrived, thank you for stopping by!


7 thoughts on “HIT me Rachel One More Time!

  1. Very funny! It is interesting to find out the words people use on Google that lead them to a blog. Gee, may Rachel herself has come to your blog. I understand that the famous folk like to Google their name.

  2. Every so often I dig into my stats and highlight some of the more strange search terms that people reach my blog through. Tons of fun, though I’ve had some hum dingers ever since it opened in August. Oddly enough nothing strange has come up regarding the Rachael Ray Makes Me Hate Her post I made.

    Yet. I fully expect the perves to come running any minute.

  3. so distressing was it for me to look at that picture of rachel ray face-on, that i had to stare at the bong in her hand. when that got too much I glanced at her other hand. has anyone else noticed that she’s wearing a dude’s watch? and not just any old man’s watch, but a great big, ugly black one with a bezel (sp?) on it! it’s probably her “sweetie’s”!!
    top that off with the sickening contrast of stripes presented by the dish towel and her outfit, and i’m ready to yack. there really are people in this world who like her, huh? i will never get it.

  4. Back in 1993, as an Army medic, I was lucky(?) enough to be part of the force that re-instated Aristide back into power in Haiti. Recently watching Anthony Bourdain on the Travel Channel (why is one of the best food shows on the Travel Channel?) I caught the episode where he visited Haiti after the earthquake. I was surprised and even shocked when he got the same exact foods from the same roadside area that I enjoyed eating from back in ’93. A search for piklis recipes brought me here, and happily found a griyo recipe as well. The piklis is now pickling and I’m now enjoying browsing your blog and recommending it to others.

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