Poll: Ideas of Paris Up In Smoke?

You may have heard that France, like much of the rest of western Europe and the United States, has recently banned indoor smoking in public places – restaurants and the like. Clearly, for the bon sante of the French this is a good thing, but for us, the occasional tourists, seeking the most exquisite and typical French experience possible, will the classic French cafe ever be the same?

Indeed, is even equating the blue haze of cigarette smoke in a tiled and mirrored cafe with French-ness anything more than just a cheesy cliche?

While we examine the state of our national stereotyping and the extent of our nostalgia, let us know what you think.

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One thought on “Poll: Ideas of Paris Up In Smoke?

  1. Hi Amy! I don’t know how french people will do with the new law, but here in Spain it was and still is hard! There’s places where it is allowed and others where not.
    But, this weekend I went to a disco… in the entrance there was a BIG sign saying smoking was forbidden… All tables had ashtrays and everybody was smoking!!!!

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