Newsflash: Ray-Ray’s Show to Get The Axe?

Well, not exactly. Here’s what (A certain national celebrity mag) magazine’s daily news clips e-mail The Dirt reported today:

“Insiders say Rachel Ray’s daytime show will be taken off the air at the end of her contract in 2010. Apparently, her ratings are sliding.”

We are at pains to remind our readers that while we are certainly not Ms. Ray’s biggest fans, we do not wish her ill. That said, the fewer opportunities we have to stumble across her wild and excessive gesticulations, jock-voice and tucked-in styles while idly flipping channels, the better.

Is this just another case of a network trying desperately to cash-in on a TV personality’s popularity by making them ubiquitous and endlessly shoving them down the public’s throats until people get sick of it? Or, is it that she wasn’t that popular outside of ’90s throwback Mid-Westerners anyway, and the network has finally caught on? What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Newsflash: Ray-Ray’s Show to Get The Axe?

  1. Let’s just put it this way – you know all the BS that just went down w/ Delia? Well, Rachel Ray is like the woman/beast that started it all. She started back on TV years ago and now is like the biggest freaking thing in the US. She has no culinary background – she worked in a deli in upstate NY for like 10 years. But now she not only has 3 or 4 tv shows on a really bad TV network called The Food Network, but Oprah loves her and gave her her own TV talk show last year. She also has all these deals w/ advertising stupid things like crackers and coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts. Basically, she just kind of sucks, but worst of all is her personality. Youtube her to see how irritating her voice, gesticulations and annoying commentary is!

  2. Um… NO ONE in the Midwest thinks much of what Food Network has become since hiring such as her. We are mostly engineers and geeks and only watch Alton Brown. Emeril and his type also annoy us.

  3. Hey, MLO. Thanks for stopping by. And thanks for schooling my husband on how real Mid-westerners are! He’s from England… what can I say. He’ll understand when we visit that part of the States! Engineer, geeks, alton brown lovers and Emeril haters are our type of people! I hope you stop by again…

  4. I’ll go ahead and come out and say I *do* wish her ill. She makes a mockery of good food and cheapens the art of cooking. People would need a catch phrase (including Emeril and Guy “Fietti”) to sell their skills need a good kick in the nuts.

  5. Girl, I’m sooooooo bad and sooooo sorry for being soooooo incognegra for the past few weeks. I’ve been slammed with travel (out of town again) and with other work stuff in Atl. I’m so behind with following up on the race post which I really want to chime in on. Thanks for being patient.
    How are things otherwise? I see you’re always on top of new news… especially on RR! LOL! I dont know how you do it… 🙂
    I’ll spend the next hour catching up on your posts… I’ll be back to comment in a few.


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