Weekend Herb Blogging Wrap-Up

So, after much typing and drooling over pictures, I bring you this week’s round-up of Weekend Herb Blogging. ENJOY!

Cleveland’s own Yasmeen from Health Nut brought back memories of her childhood with her fabulous looking Green Parathas, made with spinach and fresh fenugreek. Her version contains wheat germ which adds another level of healthiness to an already delicious dish.


Susan from Food Blogga not only does an excellent job of explaining that a uber-ripe plantain isn’t a banana but she also discusses how a plantain differs from a banana. To top it off, she shows us how to make Caramelized Plantians with Honey and Lime.

food blogga plantains

My girl Heather from Gild the Voodoolily brought back the tuna melt by showing us a more elegant way to prepare this old-school after school snack. By pairing dill havarti cheese with albacore tuna on a crusty baguette, well, let’s just say, this ain’t yo momma’s average tuna melt!


Ning from Manila, Philippines, does a great job of describing and cooking Chinese broccoli, otherwise known as Kailin. At Heart and Hearth, Ning stir-frys the Chinese broccoli with small, brined local fish called Saganid. Mmmmmm!

Kailan stir-fry

Maria of Organcially Cooked and from Crete, Greece, created this beautiful Spaghetti with Zucchini Flowers dish. Oh, how I wish we could get our hands on some of these beautiful zucchini flowers this time of year! Fabulous dish.

spaghetti w/ zucchini flower

Genie, the Inadvertent Gardener, brings us a twist on an old classic with her Rustic Sweet Potato Gnocchi. She deserves a BIG round of applause because this was her first try at making homemade gnocchi. You go, girl!


Next, Tigerfish from Teczcape informs us of a new veggie she came across called Basella Alba or Emperor Vegetable. This pea-sprout-looking vegetable is actually a perennial vine. She pairs it with Egg and Shrimp Fried Rice. I’m intrigued!


All the way from one of my favorite places on earth, Lake Garda, Italy, Brii sends us her Orange Marmalade with Lemon Verbana. Wonderful!


Another entry by from Italy (yes, from another favorite place of mine), Cinzia from Verona, Italy who makes a tasty looking Lemon Verbana Liquor. It must be Lemon verbana season in Italy. Thanks, Cinzia!

liquior lemon

All the way from one of my favorite places on earth (see a trend here?), Florence, Italy, Claudia from I Peccati di Gola…di Tatiana e Claudia makes a beautiful “casket” out of zucchini flowers. Check out her Zucchini Flower Caskets and Taliolini with Lemon for some inspiration.


Pam of Sidewalk Shoes shows us how easy it is to dry and preserve those fresh summer herbs (she shows us how to dry Oregano) with a dehydrator. Darn, wish I had one!


And where woulda Weekend Herb Blogging wra-up be without an entry from the fabulous Kalyn of Kalyn’s Kitchen!? Kalyn reminds us in the Northern Hemisphere that we can still make her Vegetarian Lasagna with Quick-Roasted Tomato, Garlic, and Herb Sauce with canned tomatoes. Long live summer with this great entry!


GaramMasalaMansi shows us how Fun and Food go together by showing us how easy it is to make our own Garam Masala. Thank you, Mansi, this one’s a keeper!

GitasKitchenGita in Virginia and of Gita’s Kitchen tells us about the many benefits of the fenugreek spice and then uses it to make Methi Chicken. Delicious! Thank you, Gita.

JugalbandiNext up is Bee and Jai of Jugalbandi us whole-grain yellow cornmeal to make their tempting-looking Cornmeal Sourdough Loaf with Sage. They claim it is dense but, to me, it looks like something I’d love to sink my teeth into!

SriLankanBeefGretchen of Lima, Peru, and Canela & Comino brings us her Sri Lankan Beef Dinner and tells us about palillo which she often used to substitute for tumeric or saffron. She always believed it was different from tumeric but after more research realized it’s just another word for imported tumeric!

WanderingChopsticksWandering Chopsticks shows us how easy and delicious Vietnamese Boiled Amaranth Greens are to make. We learn about how this one-time weed, Amaranth, has been called the “crop of the future” because it is easily harvested, is very fruitful, withstands arid conditions, and provides large amounts of protein and amino acids.

This Shark’s Fin Melon Soup SharksFinSoupmade by Wiffy of Noob Cook is NOT made with the fin of sharks but with Shark Fin Melon! Now you can all breathe a sigh of relief and make this fabulous looking soup.

endiveJennifer of Like to Cook in France tells us about the crispy and delicious Belgian Endive. Try it with some bleu cheese, chopped walnuts and apples for a healthy salad.

maybelleMaybelle’s Mom of, where else, Feeding Maybelle has entered her very creative and very tasty-looking Lemongrass Potato Salad. Give me a fork, Maybelle’s Mom!

nuriaNext, my girl Nuria from my other favorite place on earth (I promise, that’s the last one!), Barcelona, brings us Broccoli’s Hot and Spicy Soup where she uses a new ingredient – flax seeds! A creative way to serve those veggie-haters some broccoli! Great job, Nuria.

chimichurriAndrea of Andrea’s Recipes show us how to make the Argentinian classic steak topping, Chimichurri. Thanks, Andrea!

whiteasparagusHaalo of Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once (and of Melbourne, Australia) shows us some beautiful pictures of white asparagus and makes a fabulous tart with both white and green asparagus. How lucky to be living in a place where summer is on it’s way instead of on it’s way out!

venisonpieWindy of Windy’s Food Corner sends us her beautiful Venison Pie recipe. Although venison may not be as easy to buy in certain parts of the world, it is a fabulous meat that should be tried at least once.

butternutsquashJude of Apple Pie, Patis, and Pâté convinces us to go get a new cookbook just to breath in that heavenly “new book smell”. HE was inspired to make the very seasonal Butternut Squash Soup.

CauliflowerFrom Surrey, UK, Valentina of Trembom reminds us why sometimes the simplest (and cheapest!) of vegetables can be the best. She proves this with her fabulous version of Roasted Cauliflower.

Thanks to everyone who participated!! If you are interested in hosting, please check out Kalyn’s Blog!

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  1. There you gooooooooo chicos!!! Fantastic round up and a lovely way to show the dishes in the post 😀
    All recipes look so yummy and delicious… no wonder you were drooling ;D

  2. Amy,
    These photos are fantastic! So many great entries.
    I love the photo of the venison pie and also the zucchini flower caskets. WOW!
    I also secretly love cottage cheese in my lasagne, but don’t tell my Italian husband that I substituted the ricotta!
    Next time, I will submit an entry!
    Congrats to the winner!

  3. ciao amy, ciao jonny!!!
    fantastico!!! what a great round up!
    thank’s so much fot hosting and all the work assembling.
    hey…when ever you want…I’m here waiting for you!! 🙂
    have a nice week

  4. I thought Jude was a guy. :\

    Wow, you got a lot of entries! I don’t know how you find the time to do your own thing, blog, then host an event. Crazy time-management skills you have. Thanks for hosting!

  5. Holy poo…

    Jude… HEY JUDE. I’m an a-hole. I can’t believe I’m such an idiot!!!!

    I’m soooooooooo sorry for calling you a “she”. Even though I don’t know you, I’m sure that if you put on a dress, some heels and lipstick you’d be super-hot. let’s just call this one a compliment???

    Damn, I can’t get out of this one. Dude, I’m totally sorry. So SEXIST. You will never be more than a red-blooded, hardcore MAN in my world now. Apologies.

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