Top Five Favorite Holiday Foods/Drinks: The Winners

‘Tis the season, so in that spirit, we’re joyously giving away two prizes to the winners of this month’s top five – your favorite holiday foods/drinks.

This month’s entries were fascinating, perhaps more fascinating than usual because the unique choices allowed us a small but intimate window into your lives, especially those that came with explanations of the traditions. Of course, there were also the inexplicable traditions, like Rachel (S[d]OC) and the case of the holiday cheese grits, jensenly’s Christmas fondue, and Heather’s English summer trifle.

But, without further ado, the winners of this month’s top five challenge (who will soon – holiday post service permitting – be the proud recipients of Jonny’s homemade mulled wine spice mix) are: (cue drumroll)

Joe @ Italyville (we love the 7 fish dinner and, even more so, the rabbit on Christmas Day)

Heather @ Gild the Voodoolilly (what’s better than a nut-encrusted cheese ball surrounded by cocktail weenies…?)

But, thanks to all who entered and shared with us their holiday traditions, likes and dislikes. Happy holidays to you all and best wishes for a healthy and delicious New Year! 

14 thoughts on “Top Five Favorite Holiday Foods/Drinks: The Winners

  1. Heather – After making such a big fuss about not winning either of the previous two Top Fives, I have to say, we’re slightly underwhelmed by your reaction to winning this time. It’s just about blog traffic for you, huh? What about the (quasi) unimaginable glory of having won a magnificent, fragrant and unique prize? What? oh…

  2. Your web site is delightful!

    May seem off-topic, but where did you take the photos for this post? I notice the ‘parapluie’ poster and other iconic images in the background. Looks nice!

    Kudos for all your efforts here.

    Happy holidays!

  3. Ciambellina – benvenuto al nostro blog and thank you for the the compliment! The background for the smaller pic is (sighs, reveals trade-secrets) actually a calendar with the art deco advertising that I just placed the mulling spice bags on to make the shot more interesting. We (as I think you do from quickly checking out your site) love these kinds of ads so it was fun sneaking them randomly into a post. I think we’ll be visiting your site to brush up on our Italian!

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