Maybe Prayers Do Work?

Supposedly, the Food Network is canning Emeril Live! I won’t say this is 100% true as I’m still doing research, but it looks like it could be true. His contract is up in the spring and Food Network will keep Essence of Emeril going, but cancel Live. It’s not enough to bring this girl back as a full-time viewer! I’m telling you, in another 2 years, the network who started with a pure vision for food lovers/food knowledge-seekers will look like a just another corporate-sponsored, eye-candy hosted, rating-hungry, boring old channel. Buh-bye BAM! We’ll keep ya posted.

UPDATE: Emeril Live is DEFINITELY cancelled as of the middle of December.

So, first Mario, then Sara and where the hell is Morimoto on Iron Chef? Probably gone as well. As the ship that is the Food Network quickly sinking in my mind, Rachel Ray continues to make more money, get more shows, and get more irritating! WTF!?

2 thoughts on “Maybe Prayers Do Work?

  1. I’m saddened to hear this. It’s one of my favorite Food Network shows.

    I tend to agree with your comment, in regard to the Food Network of the future. It probably won’t even take 2 years. 🙁


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