Want to Grill Something New for Memorial Day? Check These Ideas Out.

Just a few ideas if you’re stumped for a new thing to make for Memorial Day this year. Why not swap the old hot dog and burgers for one of these?

Bandeja Paisa

Sandwich de Merguez with Fried Leeks and French Fries

Jerk Chicken, Plantains, Rice and Pea

deconstructed lamb tagine with grilled apricots and olives

tira de asado at El Establo

23 thoughts on “Want to Grill Something New for Memorial Day? Check These Ideas Out.

  1. I’m getting hungry for tomorrow. We’re having ribs, corn on the cob and watermelon, but I’d love a Merguez sausage! I wonder where I could get those in Milwaukee?

    Cheers and a great holiday weekend,


  2. Who could forget your bandeja? But I was wondering why I didn’t remember that merguez sandwich so I traced it back and see it was before I started blogging. I’m glad you reprised it! Love it with the crispy leeks. Enjoy the long weekend.

  3. Today we’re going for easy-peasy because I’ve spent the weekend moving my mother – I just need to collapse!

    But these are GREAT ideas for when I have my life back. And you two are just the best food photogs ever!

    Happy Memorial Day and Jonny – when are you done with school?

  4. Great (mostly) selection of options. I did a Beef short ribs ragu from an otherwise fabulous book and never want to look another short rib in the eye again. All in all, there’s just too much bone and gristle for the amount of actual meat. It was your last selection that inspired this. Am I crazy, or what?

    1. hmmmm… i’m wondering if you cooked your ragu long enough? i agree w/ you about the short rib – it is too much gristle and bone. that’s why it really does need to be cooked long enough that the meat is falling off the bone (so you don’t have to do much to get it off!). the beauty of the tira de asado (bottom pic) is that it does actually have enough meat to feel like it’s worth the effort, at least to us and a whole country that eats it too. i’d say give the ole short rib another try – maybe the recipe you tried wasn’t the best? but wait until the fall/winter b/c it makes a short rib ragu worth the wait!! thanks for the comment (and no, you’re not nuts!).

  5. Wow – now that’s a REAL hot dog! I need that at least once a week.

    Unfortunately, I went to a Memorial Day party and they catered that sticky sweet BBQ goop that covered ribs, chicken, etc. Nothing like your beautiful Argentine Beef Ribs……..

  6. As some girlie singer wailed – Torn – is what i am
    tangine or the bandeja
    maybe I could have both
    been in london town eating too much – my oh my you can eat well in london at present, i was really proud.
    …….made up my mind..tangine

  7. It was cooked over three hours and tender. The problem was using it for a ragu – i.e. picking out all the bone and gristle. I think that cut lends itself better to BBQ. Then each eater can do the work 🙂 Yours looks very good.

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