Thank You. Our First Award!

OK, I never thought getting a jpeg would be so cool. But, thanks to Pixie at You Say Tomato, we received our first ‘virtual award’. I would like to accept this award on behalf of myself and my significant other who writes on We Are Never Full. I’d also like to thank my mother and father who, without them, I never would’ve been forced to learn to read and write. Thank you, especially, to my mother, Rosie, whose years teaching in Philly forced me to remember rules of the English language. I’d like to thank my first dog, Buttercup, for reminding me that you can have fun doing nothing. And, finally, thanks to my stomach – you may not look hard as a rock, but you’ve never failed me when trying new foods. Only that one time did you choose to reject those 10 car-bomb shots, but that’s another story.

All kiding aside, THANK YOU for this. It’s cool to feel a part of this food blog world… it’s not as giant as you think it is! – Amy and Jonny

7 thoughts on “Thank You. Our First Award!

  1. First time here from Pixies blog and congrats to you both on your Award!!!

    I did *giggle* reading your great piece of writing !! 😀

    I will be sure to visit again.

    Rosie x

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