Saturday Morning Question: What is Your Absolute Favorite Food Show Right Now?

This is a question that could change for me every six months. Jacques Pepin’s show isn’t on the air now, so I’m not going to crown that one right now. I love anything by Lidia Bastianich, but I’ve been watching her for years and she is a favorite, but maybe not my #1 this moment. The husband and I love No Reservations and Good Eats, but even those aren’t my #1 right now.

My choice could be biased because 1) I just returned from my second trip to Spain and I’ve still got major love for it and 2) this is a brand new food show so the luster may not have worn off on me and 3) I have a minor, strange crush on Jose Andres and, finally, 3) I just finished watching an episode 8 minutes ago.

With that said, my absolute favorite food show right now is, drumroll please….


Jose Andres

Some food shows relax me, others enlighten me, some really just make me happy. This show does all of the above. It is brand new (only 3 or 4 episodes have been on) but I highly recommend seeing if it is showing on your local PBS station.

Now, I ask you, what is your absolute favorite food show right now? Please, I PROMISE not to jump on you if you mention Rachel Ray or Sandra Lee! PROMISE!!!

Have a great Saturday!

7 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Question: What is Your Absolute Favorite Food Show Right Now?

  1. Hola darling! He, he, I know him for years now, he used to have a food tv show in Spain too, but he is now living in the States, so….. I can not see him but I have his books!!!! 😀

  2. Ok, Sandra Lee… someone tell me what is UP with her and her matching kitchens and clothes!? Does anyone else find that to be rather ODD?? Creepy?? Strange!!?

    I just don’t watch much FN. I can’t stand some of those shows. I want to yell “WHY are you doing it that way????” ALL THE TIME. It’s too much strain.

    I love Jamie Oliver and his simple yummy food though. Paula makes my heart cringe and my arteries cry, and the Contessa simply can’t possibly no matter what own all that amazing dishware.

    enuf said

    Congrats on the virtual award though. I got one of them once and it was cool!

  3. After having a GIANT gastro-crush on Jose Andres, I finally found Made In Spain a few days ago.

    Suffice it to say, I’m having a bunch of friends up for a MESS of tapas and paella on Sunday. He’s won my soul.

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