Reason Number 2,432,881 That Owning Your Own Domain May Suck

Yesterday our site was down for approximately 6 1/2 hours. WHA-WHA-WHAT!? I couldn’t believe it. Not that we’re a high-trafficked blog like Perez Hilton or anything, but I was still pissed. I’m not saying that this whole switch to has been completely worthless, because soon we’ll post our first podcast (which is really, really bad and I sound like a man… honestly) which we couldn’t do w/ BUT, I will say (again) that the switch has been less than seamless and (to quote Victoria Beckham) MAY-JAH annoying.

So, we’re not posting anything today since our Blood Orange Margarita post yesterday barely got it’s time in the spotlight. We’ll check ya tomorrow!

-amy and jonny

UPDATE:  Please don’t be dismayed by this post – I was just frustrated at the time of writing it.  It’s not the domain name… it’s our host server.  It’s a good one, but it just had a glitch yesterday.  If you’re thinking of switching from typepad, blogger, wordpress… it’s not bad.  Just don’t make the same mistakes as us.  And coming soon I will list those mistakes (and the good things) so that you don’t have the same probs. we had!!   

7 thoughts on “Reason Number 2,432,881 That Owning Your Own Domain May Suck

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that! It’s awful!
    My husband gave me my name domain for my birthday as a present and I was thinking about switching the whole thing… maybe is not such a good idea?
    I’ve noted lately that your site takes much longer to download, is this due to the new domain?

    Hope it gets better 😀

  2. I used to run my site off of a server in my house. During the many thunderstorms in FL in the summer, my downtime was…too much, lol. That is very frustrating though, but at least you’re back!

  3. It’s not the domain name that’s the problem, it’s your host… if you continue having lots of issues and/or downtime, I’d consider switching!

    If you’re running on WordPress, you’ll find that having your own domain name allows for so much more flexibility! I’ve had mine for 2 years now, and there is no way I would go back. Give it a few months to work out the kinks, and I’m sure you’ll love it!

  4. Perhaps those who have switched to their own domain name would be kind enough to post a topic on the pros & cons. The thought has crossed my mind but I’m gathering info first.

  5. Hey, All!! So, I wrote some of you back individually, but I think I’m going to update this post. Basically, I don’t want to scare anyone into getting their own domain name and getting it hosted by a server. Erin is right – the positives far outweigh the positives… I just need to focus on the positives (and I’m a counselor trying every day to get people to do that!). My husband convinces me it was a good move and I know he knows more about this stuff. So, Peter (you brilliant man, you) had a great idea that I thought of as I was going thru all these kinks and I’m hoping to post (in the near-ish future), all the things to be prepared for and good things/bad things if you decide to switch from being hosted by blogger, wordpress, typepad etc. and go to your own host. I’ve def. learned alot over the past few months so hopefully we can help you out with these things.

    Thanks for the comments and I’m sick of feeling sorry for myself so I’m dusting myself off and “staying positive”…


  6. Eek, sounds horrendous. GP has bought me my domain name and has offered to help me do the hosting part of it, so hopefully it shouldn’t be too bad to switch over. But I must admit, I’m delaying the switch for as long as possible! Any tips would be fantastic…

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