Not For Vegetarians – Top 5 Pork Products Winner

charlotteswebI think in this case, the real winner here is the almighty pig.  There is nothing not delicious about this animal. From its ears to its snout to its lovely trotters, every single bit of this animal is edible and useable.  Pig is the number one reason I would never, ever be able to go vegetarian.  I’ve tasted its sweet nectar and can never go back.  Even though I am rereading Charlotte’s Web right now (I know, real cerebral – and thank you to whichever Brooklynite decided to leave this out on your stoop for anyone to take), I have more respect and admiration for the pig than ever before. Not even the cuteness that is Wilbur could turn me away from eating pork. 

So, with that, I am proud (pun intended) to announce this month’s Top 5 winner thanks to that online random generator… Commenter #22 Proud Italian Cook.  She is the lucky winner of a few of our fave porky products – some Goya ham stock cubes (when you’re in a hurry), achiote paste (fabulous with many Latin pork dishes like pernil and cochinitas pibil), dried corn husks for tamales and dried pasilla peppers (mild in flavor, try them in some tortilla soup, chili or a mole). Congrats!  Proud Italian Cook does mainly, well, Italian food.  Hopefully she’ll be able to use some of these porky products in her Italian kitchen.

Porky Prizes

Thank you to everyone for all the thoughtful answers.  It is very hard to think of just five top pork products, but you did a great job.  Some of favorite answers were lardo di colonnata (how could I leave this one off my list?), char siu, pork belly, ribs of any sort,  Siu yuk (Chinese roast pig with cracklins), ham and cheese crèpes from Parisian street vendors (thanks for this drool-worthy imagery, Duo Dishes), and finally, one we’d love to try, Peter’s own “magic sex bacon”. Thanks again, all. Join us next time when we want to know your Top 5.  And remember, you can win again if you’ve been a previous winner – just not twice in a row.

9 thoughts on “Not For Vegetarians – Top 5 Pork Products Winner

  1. Ola, and thank you both very much!! I love that little random generator, this is the 2nd time I won something!
    I will try and be very creative with the products I won, you guys are the best! Thanks again,
    xox, Marie

  2. Thanks for visiting, & sorry about the recipe:-( It had to be that way…u will find it, if u google it.. various versions of it. try it out, customize it & u will not regret. I have my own little extra spice along with the regular recipe.

  3. Hee hee. I had to laught at the Charlotte’s Web thing. A little over 10 years ago I performed in Charlotte’s Web with my theater group playing Templeton the Rat (I was awesome. Maybe not as good as Paul Lynde, but I was pretty darned good). Can I say that it actually made me crave pork more? Every time Wilbur talked about not wanting to become bacon or ham or whatever, I would just start thinking about how much I wanted some pork products!

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