Luxurious, Sun-Drenched Radio Silence in a Galley Kitchen

A Small Kitchen in Brooklyn
Soon to not be our kitchen anymore. Boo-hoo…

Regular We Are Never Full readers out there may have noticed that we’ve been less than active in the new posts capacity of late — some of you may even mourn the loss of our chirpy and spirited voices from your weekly web-browsing, though we expect many might find it welcome relief. Either way, we’re on temporary hiatus from blogging at the moment due to being in the process of finding a new apartment where we can cook, be somewhat more physically expansive, and hey, even entertain guests (!). All in all, a tricky proposition in a city where 700 square feet apartments are listed as “luxurious” or “roomy’, the description “sun-drenched” equates to the presence of a single window, and “galley” kitchens are advertised as being something to get excited about.

Still, we remain confident that we’ll find somewhere appropriate soon and will be back-up and blogging in our familiarly grating tones by early September, at the latest. In good time, we hope, to regale you with the still-fresh tales of our recent trip to Québec City, and the delicious comestibles its citizens introduced us to.

In the meantime, we wish you an enjoyable remainder of August, and look forward to hitting you all up when we’re back.

30 thoughts on “Luxurious, Sun-Drenched Radio Silence in a Galley Kitchen

  1. heck yeah, laura!!! IT’S ON.
    we’ve done so much cooking in this “kitchen”. notice the side arm of the couch next to our Ikea “butchers block”. that should give you an idea of how large our kitchen/living room is! ahhh, one day we will have a real kitchen.

  2. Why don’t you two just move to Portland, already. Jesus. You can buy a three bedroom house for what it costs to rent a 700 sq.ft. apartment.

    (Good luck, anyways. I guess you’ll need it!)


  3. It’s such a dilemma. I desperately would like a bigger apartment (if I could afford it), but I have such a nice kitchen now. How would I find another one in NYC (again, given my small budget)? *sigh* Even if you don’t love the size of your kitchen, it’s scary to think you might end up with something smaller! Good luck!

  4. I WILL MISS THAT KITCHEN AND APARTMENT!!! esp the back yard and Windzor of course…tear. im excited to see your new place though!

  5. Count me among the ones who have missed/will miss your chirpiness while you go silent for a while. Amazing that you’ve accomplished what you have in that cramped space. Good luck with finding ‘room to grow’. Have you considered the burbs? S.I. or Queens? P.S. My blog has new digs – hope you have a moment to come over and visit.

  6. Joan – thanks for missing us! it’s always nice to be missed. Congrats on the great new look at your blog! You’re definitely going from strength to strength. As for the ‘burbs, SI or Queens, we kind of have a love/hate relationship with the idea of leaving Brooklyn, not to mention an enormous amount of snobbery regarding other boros. That said, this new apartment could be our last hurrah in NYC, before we do a slow fade into the sunset… but we’re fighting it tooth and nail nonetheless.

    Jeanette – you articulated all our fears so perfectly. A bigger apartment with room for a real table to eat off doesn’t guarantee a bigger or better kitchen. A dishwasher might mean a smaller, weaker stove, and more daylight seems to mean more stairs to climb. There’s a trade-off everywhere. It’s a slightly nerve-wracking time, but it’s easy to get carried away, I mean we’re likely only to move about fifteen blocks when all said and done…!

    Sophie – congrats on your new apartment babe. can’t wait to check it out. assuming we’re invited, that is…!

  7. You know, the burbs aren’t as bad as you might think.
    We are 20 miles from downtown Manhattan, and you can get a nice house with a little garden for about a million in the town we live in!
    I know you would never move to New Jersey, but as much as I miss the city, it’s nice to get out once in a while.
    Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.
    Good luck finding new digs!

    1. Hey, Stacey. Thanks for the words of encouragement! Yeah, we both grew up in the burbs and def. aren’t knocking it but we know once we make that type of move, it’s forever. It’s just a mental thing and we realize it will happen one day (prob. sooner than later). And I love Jersey!! It’s my second home and I grew up on the Jersey shore. The majority of my closest friends and family are from Jersey and I have absolutely NOTHIN’ but love for it. But we could barely afford to buy that much space in Northern Jersey.

      If we had a million to spend on anything, we’d prob. be able to live in many great parts of Brooklyn very comfortably (3 to 4 bedroom, garden, close to subways). But, sigh, we aren’t even close to barely being thousandaires (in fact, w/ the socio economic average in our area of NYC, we’re probably thought of as lower-middle class), so our options are limited to buying a studio in the ghetto or moving out to Amish country in PA. I’m actually being honest here. Not that there’s anything wrong w/ that… LOL.

      Anyways, we’ll keep ya posted!!

  8. Hi Guys, I will miss your chirpy & spirited voices…… maybe we will catch up at the shore. In the meantime, good luck apt hunting! Got a kick out of your mother’s comment….. she just couldn’t resist!

  9. I’d never knock Amish country. I went to school there and loved the area so much I would have stayed had I been able to find a job out there.

    I put in another vote for the ‘burbs, but then again, Westchester is hardly affordable. My husband and I are very lucky to have bought our prime-location apartment at just the right time, when the development company that built our building was getting kind of desperate to unload their last unsold unit.

    Good luck with your new home search and yes, you are missed online. But I’ll TRY not to rush you back online. Seeing your photo makes me feel a lot better about my little 8’X8’ hole-in-the-wall.

  10. Hey – thanks for sharing a personal note and I have and will miss you guys and the blog. I will send “good kitchen vibes” from the West Coast, whilst awaiting your return!

    1. thanks jen and brittany!! it’s so great to have supportive bloggers!!! i made about 25 trips up and down 3 flights of stairs to bring box after box to our new apt. in the past few days. my thighs are going to be DIESEL!!!!! can’t wait to get back to cooking though. see you soon!

  11. Funny, I’ve been slow with blogging and blog reading too because of all the moving around I’ve been doing. 265 food blog posts still in my rss reader to catch up on. While right now it’s a relief I only missed one of your posts, I look forward to many in the future. Best of luck with finding a place to accommodate all your fine kitchen work!

  12. Having sat near the “place d’kichuan avec petite pied” and…had the luxury of eating bagels and creamcheese w/ slices of fresh tomato along w/ wonderful 10w30 coffee ,,,I welcome the emotional challange of getting my large self comfortable in a less confining space, perhaps now more horizontal than vertical///lu papoli

  13. All the best to you in your search for the perfect space. Challenging, I’m sure — but we’ll all be waiting (patiently) back here when you finally arrive. You’ve definitely been missed!

  14. ok…now I do miss you…I just hope this extended pausa is because you have found the perfect flat and are having the best holiday ever.
    I love the helpful house advice….just a million……classic…..

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