Big “Food News” Alert!! Warm up those TiVo’s!

Thanks to Alana, Kerry and Coyle (some of my bff’s) for bringing to my attention the following earth-shattering news. Hold on to your asshole’s kids… be ready to be BLOWN away with excitement! This is from People mag’s daily update I get from my friend Kerry who works for the mag:

Rachael Ray is launching “So You Think You Can Cook?” – a nationwide search for an enterprising foodie. Ray and her producers will narrow the field of candidates to five promising cooks, who will undergo two weeks of intense competitions and challenges before a winner is announced on the air in late November. The winner of the contest will co-host the “Rachael Ray” show for a day and receive training at a U.S. culinary institute. An original recipe will be published in Ray’s lifestyle magazine, Every Day With Rachel Ray.

How HIGH-larious is this!? How freaking IRONIC is this, actually? First of all, a woman who can’t actually cook is asking (and JUDGING!) others if they can? Huh? Someone please ‘splain dat to me. I know this is America and Paris Hilton is famous for doing nothing but still I’m confused. Secondly, Rachel Ray will so sweetly allow the “winner” to co-host her dumb talk show (what a prize!!!! hope the winner starts dumbing themselves down now, practicing how to get a raspy, drank-too-much-whiskey voice and learns how to inappropriately gesticulate too often) and, this is the BEST one, give them free training at a US culinary institute! The girl who has somehow earned the title “chef” by cooking crappy food and never going to a day of culinary school in her life is actually making someone work hard and jump through hoops to be GIVEN this present by her!? Give the gift to Rachel! Make her sweat it out in culinary school and make that a reality show on the Food Network! I’ll probably watch the channel again. Being called “chef” is a title you earn from working hard in a restaurant cooking, not one that you just receive because you cook things for fun. No one freaking calls me a chef. Ok, I’m seething with anger about how many opportunities this poop has been given to make a buck. When will it end!?

4 thoughts on “Big “Food News” Alert!! Warm up those TiVo’s!

  1. so, erm…. it seems we broke the news way before, though that hardly suprises me. indeed, there’s not much surprising about this article at all, including Rachel’s phrase “anybody who likes to cook could literally be Rachael Ray, the ’30 Minute Meal’ girl.”

    If anybody could be Rachel Ray, then why does she have to be Rachel Ray? Couldn’t they have found someone – anyone – even slightly less aggravating?

    and no wonder she’s grinning like a goblin in the picture at the article’s head, i’d be laughing like a drain if someone was paying me millions for doing something “anybody who likes to cook” could do, wouldn’t you?

  2. who ever says Rachel Ray can’t cook your crazy shes the best and Im only 11 I would love to be on show to. Also I bet the people that dont like her dont hate the playa because she has money!!!!!! hallaback by : babe09hallaback. I always wanted to be a cook and cook with rachel ray she’s like my role model to meet yall just plane mest up point blake.

  3. Hi, Maya! Ok, you are right… to many people Rachel Ray is a good cook. And as an 11 year old, I am very, very happy that Rachel can help people like you get interested in interesting food and cooking. BUT, when you get older and get much better and much more intelligent about food, culture and cooking around the world, you may understand why sometimes I do not like Rachel Ray.

    But keep cooking, Maya!! It is such a fun thing to do and we need more kids getting interested in this. Keep an open mind and learn about all different types of people, their cultures and the things people eat in other countries. That will make you the best cook ever!

    Good luck!

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