Your Top Five Crisps & The Winning Selection

beer and crisps

We recently invited you to tell us what your top five flavors of potato crisps/chips are, and we were, frankly, amazed that so many of you did. Not only that, we were surprised by the variety of flavors you selected. It seems that there is a wide world of taste out there and we are not alone in our obsession with salty, potato snacks.

So, preamble over, because there were such great flavor suggestions, the decision was tough, and there are three categories: honorable mention, close but no cigar, and, the one, the only, the champion top five. Bear in mind that only the champion wins the package of British crisps.

Honorable Mention:
Joanne @ Frutta Della Passione
Heather @ Gild the Voodoolily
Melissa @
and Fuji Mama

Close but No Cigar:
Maybelles Mom (solid flavor selections and the extra note about eating Lays while posting was a nice touch)

Champion Top Five:
Choosy Beggar Tina (exhibited good knowledge of British gourmet sandwiches with the “chippie” aka chip sarnie, aka chip barm, aka sandwich of french fries, to endear herself, and followed up with great overall choices, but the all important no. 1 choice – my all-time favorite flavor – salt & vinegar.)

  1. Ketchup
  2. Smoky Bacon
  3. Old cheddar and red onion
  4. Lime and black pepper
  5. Sea salt and malt vinegar (kettle cooked, please!)

Congrats Tina, we’ll be in touch to arrange the crisp transaction very soon!

14 thoughts on “Your Top Five Crisps & The Winning Selection

  1. If Maybelle’s Mom is the Tonya Harding of crisps all I can say is “Whywhywhywhywhywaiwaiwaiwaiwai” (sobbing Nancy Kerrigan)

    Tina’s picks are tops, good job! We tried a new brand of salt and vinegar crisps that are extra vinegary. Can’t remember the name now, but they were good.

  2. i feel it might be unfair to describe anyone, especially oneself, as the Tonya Harding of anything (unless you are, in fact, Tonya Harding), but in a competition as fierce as the one that raged last week there can be only one Nancy Kerrigan (which almost “rhymes” with salt and vinegar (perhaps salt n’ vinegans?)). I think I’m going to institute a new cockney rhyming slang, “two pints of bitter and a packet of kerrigans, please guvnah.”
    or maybe not…

  3. gosh, i cant believe i missed this!

    there used to be a crisp flavor by smith’s crisps (is this brand australian?) called “full monty”

    it has cheddar, bacon, chives, sour cream, and every single thing i could possibly love in crisps…i hate not being able to find this again T_T

    the next best thing for me has been ruffles’ cheddar and sour cream

  4. Ummm!! I used to live within walking distance of the Walker’s Crisp Factory at Thurmaston, Leicestershire. Also, there was factory No.2, not so far away. My husband went on a factory visit and …………to this day, isn’t very fond of crisps!!! Apparently, Walker’s Crisps have now ‘upped their game’.
    I think that you are too young to remember the blue bag of salt, hiding within the bag of Smith’s Crisps…………?
    Oh by the way, my favourite used to be cheese and onion.

  5. margaret – i’m almost offended, though perhaps I should be delighted, that you should think me too young to remember the blue salt packets in smiths crisps – salt n’shake were a great favorite of mine back in the day. Of course, I remember those were also the halcyon days when cola bottle sweets were only 1/2p each, wham bars were 10p and made your tongue purple (not to mention rot your teeth), and curly-wurly’s seemed to be really big, but admitting all that would be showing my age…

    Rita – smith’s is/was an english company that got taken over by walkers, but i remember that a couple of bags of the full monty and warm cans of VB basically sustained me while I was backpacking around Australia…!

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