Where in the World is We Are Never Full?

We apologize for being such horrid bloggers recently.  We’re over-worked, underpaid, stress to the nines and just all around exhausted.  Still waiting for the warmth of spring has made cooking uninspired – too warm to make winter meals, too cold to start busting out the pea shoots and grill.  We’re tired.  Very tired.  Even too tired to visit other blogs and write posts.  But, there’s finally an end in sight.

We’ll be back in a few weeks re-energized, well-rested and much, much fatter and inspired by cooking again.  We’ve avoided red meat for about 6 weeks now in anticipation for our upcoming trip.  Can you guess where we’ll be tonight?  Here’s a hint:


Any ideas?  Ok, how about this?


Still unsure? I think this picture will give you the answer:


Yes, we’ll be going to Buenos Aires and then heading to Montevideo, Uruguay for another few days. Did you know that Uruguay is actually a country that produces some pretty great wine? They are the only country besides France that produces the Tannat grape. We’ll be visiting wineries and will give you the scoop on that as well. We’re so in need of some rest, great food and wine. We hope you have a wonderful Passover/Easter/Spring Break or just have a good Spring Weekend. We’ll see you soon! Hasta luego!

20 thoughts on “Where in the World is We Are Never Full?

  1. in a panic i just checked to see if our address was anywhere on this site now that we have just told any potential burglars that we would be 5000 miles away. Not that we don’t trust our fellow food bloggers, mind, it’s just that in the bowels of the internet lurk some skeevy peeps…

  2. I was wondering when that trip to Argentina was coming up. You will absolutely love it! I’ve been twice. Anxious to hear about Uruguay.If you have already left, buen viaje y espero que disfrutan mucho.

  3. You’re not the first I’ve heard about feeling that way and I know it’s how I feel about now. It certainly seems to be going around! Have fun while you’re away. Sounds exotic!

  4. Wow, I am off on holiday too, I hear there is a vacant flat in Brooklyn waiting to be broken into, just packing my crowbar.
    Happy holidays to you both.

  5. Wow, traveling around the world – how fun! Argentina is on my list of places to visit first. Actually the entire South America. Hasta pronto:)

  6. Oh. Wow.
    I’ve missed you of late — but had great confidence you were doing something fantastic. Looks like you were looking forward to a kick-ass trip. Can’t wait to hear all the gooey details.

  7. One of my favorite places in the world. You, of course will be ordering the Bife Lomo, right? In the unlikley event you are unfamiliar with this, just ask for Lomo in any steak house. Have an awesome trip. I miss Argentina!


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