Please Do Not Feed the Heavy Folk


Did you hear? Mississippi introduced a bill this week to make it illegal for restaurants with a state license to feed obese people. I’m sure it won’t be passed but what do you think? If it was passed, what would they do? Have a scale in each restaurant that patrons would have to get weighed on before they were served? Ahhh, America.

3 thoughts on “Please Do Not Feed the Heavy Folk

  1. Hey White Rice,

    thanks for your comment. I also recently heard of a method used in medieval times to keep noble women from over-eating, that you could apply in conjunction with your friend’s suggestion. They made the women’s chairs uncomfortably narrow at the hip so women would not only sit for a shorter period but be conscious of how tight their chairs felt during meals.

    However, all of these ideas are sort of fascist, are they not? Isn’t it your own prerogative in a free country what you can and cannot eat? In fact, until the government is responsible for providing healthcare to obese people, you should be allowed to eat what you like whether you’re fat or thin.

  2. We totally agree. From ( Diane’s) perspective and experience, it’s also like Communism. Even my family living in Viet-Nam’s communist regime get to eat how ever much Pho noodle soup they want without the government intervening, yet.
    It’s just amazing to think that politicians have the time to conjure up laws like this. Even worse, do they REALLY think something as ludicrous as this could pass?
    Great post here. It really makes us think!

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