News Flash! Patti LaBelle Loves Hot Bags and Hot Sauce!

Ok, this is just a quick post to offer a quick laugh. Hey, it’s still food-related! On Tuesday of last week, we went to Barney’s (you know the high-end NYC store) to use a gift certificate we had received from our wedding last summer. Now, I’m sure you think we’re sooooo fabulous and chic and rich enough to shop at Barney’s regularly, but, um, hells no. Until Tuesday, I had never, ever been to Barney’s. If we even have a month where we can afford clothes, it’s H&M, Forever 21 (I’m very far from that, but believe me, I feel 55 when I try to shop there, but it’s cheap) or any other discount store.

Patti Labelle loves herself some hot sauce!

Enough of that, as we were entering Barney’s, there were about 10 paparazzi and 50-75 regular folks. As I waited by the door for my husband, I started to get that NYC tourist feeling – I actually wanted to know what was going on. Usually, I could care less, but for some reason I was interested. I asked the doorman and he told me Donatella Versace was on her way. I’m no fashionista, but I am obsessed with Italy and we were in Milan last summer! I’ll have something to talk about with her! Kidding…

Jonny thinks celebrities are all stupid, so he wouldn’t let me wait to see her. Really, I just wanted to see what a trainwreck her face/plastic surgery looked like. So, inside Barney’s we went with no sign of Donatella. But, as we left the store, we could see the paparazzi flashes going off…. Donatella!? I’M COMING!! But, instead it was my “sister in my head” – you know, a celeb you think you could be friends with? Patti LaBelle! I’m from Philadelphia and she’s from Philly and she’s a strong woman – there’s just something I like about her. Anywho’s, she rolled up in her limo, all fierce and made up like a hot drag queen with this huge “V” bag (Versace I’d imagine), a long fur coat and, can you believe it, HOT SAUCE!? Bitch was doing a promo as she made her way into a Versace party!? Love her…

So, yes, Ms. LaBelle is coming out with her own line of hot sauces. She’s had cooking shows and has written other cook books in the past, mainly as a result of getting diabetes years ago. Check out this NY Times Article if you’d like to read more. I’ll hopefully get to check out this line of hot sauces and I’ll be able to report back on how they are.

6 thoughts on “News Flash! Patti LaBelle Loves Hot Bags and Hot Sauce!

  1. Hahahaha! I love Patti ad she’s a awesome cook and singer.I lived in Philly briefly while my mom was working on her doctorate at U of Penn. I feel you on the cheaper stores. There was time I could occasionaly shop at the high end stores. Because I’m in the biz I can still find some great deals or look forward to occasional genoristy of friends and family for Gift certificates, etc.Now I sometimes have to go to the H&M’s ane Forever 21( I can squeeze into a top or two, but dont try to wash that stuff and expect to wear it again).

  2. As a native New Yorker, I was taught never to acknowledge celebrities — to “give them their privacy”, as my parents used to say. We’d go to the theater and find Paul Newman sitting in front of us, or see Dudley Moore at the MoMA, or find Julie Christie shopping in the same store — and we’d just pretend this was no big deal. Times have changed!

  3. I love the shout-out to XXI. Now that they’re calling themselves that, glancing at the tag always looks like it says ‘XXL’, and then I cringe a little. Their leggings are so comfy, and only like $10!

  4. Hey, all! As always, great comments. Courtney and Pixie – she’s fab! I think I have a girl crush on her. Lydia… you’re so right. Times really have changed. We checked out Patti just cause I like her, but normally I could care less about seeing celebs. I used to live in Soho and as I was rushing down the street in a stained shirt, workout pants and no makeup, I used to see lots of people (stars and those in Soho trying to pretend they are)… I just learned to not care about any of that stuff. But, patti was definitely asking for attention… maybe that’s the difference these days? Celebs actually want it all?

    And Jess, hell yeah – she probably tasted a few hot sauces and that’s it! give me something to sell! -amy

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