Wish I had some cutsie Halloweenie recipe for you to kick off today, but I don’t. I’m sure there will be plenty of other food blogs that will offer you their yummy recipe for some goulish goulash or scary stew, maybe a bunch of halloween desserts. Not me, I’m taking a night off of cooking and going for some traditional Halloween sushi tonight. We don’t have kids yet so we’re kind of saving up my ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ cards to do what we want until we have to! Happy Halloween, everyone!

UPDATE: As I type this, I can NOT help but vent about the cheesiness and total ridiculousness that is the Today Show. First of all, I’m staring at freakin’ Sandra Lee as a guest right now (which says enough about the quality of the show) – oops that’s GMA – not as bad b/c at least Diane Sawyer isn’t that annoying. Ok, back to the Today Show. There are days I switch it on and I get the same feeling I get when I am forced to watch a moment of Rachel Ray shows or Emeril Live. It’s like that deep-down in the soul “this is so uncomfortably cheesy and they’re trying-too-hard-to-be-funny-and-cutsy” that it’s gut-wrentchinly HORRIBLE. Does anyone else get this feeling? It’s at an all-year high because it’s Halloween and all these dorks are forced to be dressed up like the Munsters -except I think Al Roker is the only one who is actually psyched to do this. There is so much ‘over-the-topness’ that it’s almost unwatchable! Poor freakin’ Tiki Barber was a hard-core New York Giants football player only a few years ago, hitting and blocking with all his might. Now he’s dressed up like a giant (ok, he’s short) friggin’ dragon/crocodile – I can’t tell!!!! I actually am praying for poor Tiki, I don’t pray often. That poor, poor man. I hope his wife makes him feel like a man again when he goes home. Hey, at least we’re spared of watching Anne Curry be a total idiot this morning – she’s not there.

What about news in the morning? Even CNN’s American Morning is comical as one of the only ways to get real news. And the only International news you can get is when it’s weather-related, huh??? Ok, this turned into a rant! Apologies, people, apologies. I’m just telling you as I see it.

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