Awards That Makes Us Proud. Thank You!

Wowzah’s. We’ve received two new awards! These awards are awesome because they are kind of like the MTV movie awards – they are given to you by your fans. Now, before I get ahead of myself, let me remove my head from my ass. I know you aren’t our fans, you’re our readers. There’s a big diff, right? When we get fans, well, hopefully we won’t be blogging in our 700 square-foot closet we rent for about 2 g’s in Brooklyn. Maybe when we have fans we’ll be big pimpin’ in some brownstone we own, not just rent the bottom of and are forced to share the backyard with another family. I could go on with my fantasies of ‘what could be if we had fans’ but I won’t bore you any longer.

What I will say is THANK YOU. These two blog awards are really great – first was the Blogging with a Purpose award we received from a kick-ass blogger, Farida of Farida’s Azerbaijani Cookbook. Who else is showcasing Azeri cooking on the web? The other award was from Nuria from Spanish Recipes, who I’d be open to a house switch with but I don’t know if she’d like me raising her kid/kids. I also am not sure if she’d really love moving from a nice place in Barcelona to a closet in Brooklyn. Nuria gave us the Arte y Pico award. This Award is given to blogs that are thought to have an outstanding design, creativity and content and that enriches the community… hmmmm, not too sure if we’re enriching the community but I’m proud that someone thinks we’re creative! So with that, I really thank you both. Really I do.

I’m kind of automatically giving these awards right on back to the bloggers that gave them to me. There are ‘rules’ to each of these awards – you are supposed to give it back to five different bloggers. But, as I was doing my blog hunt today, checking out blogs I visit often and others I don’t visit as much as I’d like, I noticed something… many food blogs have received one or two of the awards we received. I know it’s nice to receive two of the same awards, but this time I’m going to create my own rules. I’m giving these awards right back to Nuria and Farida, but I’m also going to give each of these awards to two blogging bitches who are crass and bring out my inner truck-driver as well as another blogger I’m psyched to have recently been acquainted with. Without further fucking a’do (as they would probably write), I’d like to offer the following awards to the following bloggers:

The Arte y Pico award for great design and creativity goes first to Michelle at Thursday Night Smackdown. She’s bitchy, she’s tough and she cooks delicious meals with zero pretentiousness. She’s classy in my book!

I’d also love to give this award to Claudia at Cook Eat FRET. She writes comments in haiku and is an east coast mama originally from NYC and she cooks really, really, really well. I absolutely love this blog, so, if you haven’t already, check her out!

Here you go, ladies: award2

And next, I’d love to award the Blogging with a Purpose award to Heather at Gild the Voodoolily. In my mind, she is blogging with a purpose – maybe she can let us all know what she thinks her purpose is? I know it’s to compensate for her white trash roots but what else, Heather? Is it to cure world hunger? To pay for some new boobs? Whatever it is, I don’t care… she always makes me laugh and that’s a good enough purpose for me.

Here’s your award, Heather: awardblog-with-a-purpose1

I love visiting these ladies’ blogs because they remind me that life doesn’t need to be all peaches, roses and unicorns. Sometimes it can be cynical and hilarious with some curse words thrown in. Ladies, no need to accept these awards but I’d like you to know that I appreciate you (tear!).

9 thoughts on “Awards That Makes Us Proud. Thank You!

  1. my second arte y pico in as many days!

    i’d like to thank the academy, my 7th grade home ec teacher, and the mr. softee truck that always parks so conveniently at the corner of 31st and 7th.

  2. Hey, I like unicorns! Oh, wait.

    Wow, that’s awfully sweet of you to pass the Blogging With a Purpose award to me. And you totally deserved yours, too! These awards are so much better than those stupid memes, amirite?

  3. wow. i’m in amazing company. i would like to say that i should have been named first, but only out of manners…


    i swear, it’s WILD (to me) – i think i have a solid 15 years or more at least, on any of you guys. and you’re all so damned brilliant…


    oh hey, thanks for this. so nice. so thoughtful. and i am a total fan of your blog… absolutely!

  4. *insert our applause sound effect here!* Congrats to you for your award and for a very well said (written) acceptence speech. This is what blogging should be about- real people being recognized for doing great things!

  5. HEY ALL! Thanks for the comments! I think I forgot to mention that we really do appreciate each and every one of y’all – not just the biotches we gave the awards to. I know you know that, but I didn’t want to come off as ungrateful. In a few months we’ll be a year old, and I remember when we were getting zero to one comment per post. I also remember when we only got 15 hits a day. It is gratifying to know that people actually read our words and TRY our recipes. It’s the coolest feeling and is like almost as good as getting money – ha ha ha! but if you want to throw some $$$ our way, i’m totally open and will EVEN pay the shipping.

  6. Opps, I am so late for saying Congrats on the well deserved awards:) but better late than never! you absolutely deserve them! Thank for the kick-ass blog thing:)))))

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