Hangover Eats – Your Recommendations Please

So, erm, well, ok, let’s face it, we all like a drink now and again, and unfortunately, now and again, we have one too many. This weekend was one of those occasions where we over-indulged. In fact, it was one of the increasingly rare occasions when we went out two nights on the run – we’re getting too old for that nowadays – so on Sunday morning we were feeling rather sorry for ourselves.

As we lay around feeling unwell, we debated for some time over what kind of food to order and why. We finally settled on Chinese food. The combination of flavors, textures and saltiness, combined with its relative economy, winning out. But, at other times we’ve gone for a full English breakfast, pizza, Mexican food, Thai food, and very occasionally, sushi, depending on how we were feeling.

Apparently, there has been some research in the UK into what will fix you up best after a heavy night out, but, the findings of this research are widely disputed because being hungover is such a personal (and frequently horrific) experience. So, we’d like to know what your favorite food hangover cure is and why.

11 thoughts on “Hangover Eats – Your Recommendations Please

  1. To avoid a hangover, what we do, is take an aspirin just before going to bed. Next day you feel better for sure!
    Also I know that artichokes are so good for the liver… and the liver is the one suffering alcohol excess… so eating artichokes or having a puree out of them or a soup should be good 😀

  2. It has been sometime since I had to take a hangover cure, but my favorite indulgence after too much indulgence was a great big steak burrito refried beans and with of chips with fresh salsa. The combination of fat and spicy always did the trick. Cold pizza also hits a homerun for me.

  3. Is your cat a tabby or a Burmilla? I can’t tell as his/her head is upside down! He/she looks a little like ours (plain old tabby, but very sweet). I’ve noticed quite a few ‘foodies’ (thought I had to throw in that word that you love!) own cats…

    Fresh miso soup is meant to be good for a hangover!

    Helen Yuet Ling

  4. Thanks for all these great, diverse comments! Sarah, you’re right on with the coke thing. I HATE McDonalds, but when you’re hungover, nothing beats a Mickey D’s coke! NOT DIET. Nuria, I’ll have to try the artichoke remedy one day. Unfortunately, I don’t usually crave veggies when I’m feeling ‘under the weather’… but I trust you on this! And Patrick… Mexican food hits the spot every time. It’s my number one besides Chinese. And, Helen, so cute! I didn’t take that pic… I just thought it was cute! So, no, that wasn’t our cat, but he is totally adorable.

    Thanks again, guys, for all your great comments! – Amy 🙂

  5. Well, there are different kinds of hangovers. One drink too many can definitely leave one with a hollow feeling in the stomach. The only cure for that is a fat pill….in the form of an English Breakfast (or God forbid) McDonalds…with a sausage mcmuffin (sans egg). Something about grease seems to ease that empty hollow feeling. I have not had a queasy hangover since college. The cure for that is lots of H2O…sleep…and a resolution never to overindulge again.

  6. mexican food is definitely the way to go..
    not only is it great…but you get the spicyness that you need (because your numb tongue can’t taste anything else, really),
    but you get something that will rumble your stomach without causing you to puke.

    a few hours after a big mexican/post hangover meal, and you’ll hit the toilet and the toxics will scream out of your system in one big rush.

    i know, sounds painful (and sometimes it is, mildly), but it pushes it out of your system and after one, big, sweaty rush, you’re back to normal and feeling good 😛

  7. well said, jj. well said. i think the second paragraph really brought the reality of it all to light. i’m feeling a bit queasy reading it, but it is true!

  8. Well, I usually get up because lying in bed just doesn’t seem to be the answer. Convince myself I really don’t feel all that bad. Concoct some sort of greasy egg and cheese thingy. Get a glass of grapefruit or orange juice (if I even have any). Drink HUGE amounts of water. Lay on the couch watching PBS cooking shows. Hmmm. Maybe if I cooked that creamy, cheesy risotto Lidia is whipping up, it might just do the trick. Maybe order a pepperoni pizza for delivery or drive through the closest fast-food hamburger place in my pajamas. Drink a Coke. Lie back down on the couch and mysteriously fall back asleep for 1-2 hours (gee – I thought I was feeling “ok” when I got up). Feel decent by 4 p.m.. Then, I get pissed that it only used to take me until noon to be fully recovered in my youth and now my day was completely wasted.

    Great info on “How Stuff Works” regarding hangovers. There’s a video on whether or not mixing your alcohol matters and it appears to be British-produced. And, geez, reading the article really makes drinking alcohol sound suicidal with all of the “poison” and “toxic” talk.

    Eh – whatever.

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